pretty.little.things - going home outfit

are so excited to bring you the first ever

It's important
that first outfit.
And I know lots of new mummies 
who put a lot of time and effort into getting just the right one.
Including a friend who recently had a baby
and bought one pink outfit and one blue
because they didn't know what they were having
but wanted the outfit to be just right either way.

We didn't know what we were having.
So all our pre-baby purchases were bought in shades of white and cream
(I'm sure anyone who has read this blog for a while 
will know that this actually made me very happy.)
For me, newborn babies looks just perfect in a white onesie.

But for that all important going outfit
I didn't want plain white.
So our beautiful little guy came home in this.

A little cream onesie
with animals on the front.
It had a matching hat too
with stars on,
which was important because it was February
and it was cold.
But it was huge on his tiny little head.

In fact, when he went out into the fresh air for the very first time
he looked more like this.
Because it was really cold.
And we were really paranoid new parents.

So there you have it the beautiful boy's going home outfit.
Isn't he a pretty.little.thing?

We can't wait to see all your little one's first outfits.
I'm hosting the linky here this week
but don't forget to go and check out Katie's entry too.
So get those going home outfits linked up
so we can all coo over some cute newborn outfits.

Next week the linky will be over at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three
and the theme will be

Favourite Winter Accessory.

So go and dig out some gorgeous wintery accessories ready for next week.

And it doesn't have to be a child's accessory either,
if you've got a fab new hat
or a beautiful scarf
that you want to show off
then go for it.

We'd love it if you would grab the badge too.


  1. Aww yours was a very cute choice- I loved our little outfit, but for some reason I only have one photo of her in it. I had all these plans to take loads of photos of her when we returned home but I ended up discharging myself at midnight the night after my c section which was obviously not advisable. I therefore was so sore, so tired, and so delirious that I didn't take any photos at all! Rubbish! x

  2. Adorable! I loved snuggling Francesca into her carseat with lots of blankets :) x

  3. Beautiful is the right word! I love that newborn bit when they look all squashed up still. This is such a nice linky to celebrate/show off all things lovely x

  4. Aaahh that is very cute and gorgeous. What a fabulous linky x

  5. What a cute outfit and he looks so snug and cosy! :)


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