I have a confession to make...
when the beautiful boy was born
I was a bit freaked by his eyes.
Because babies have blue eyes, right?
I just had that idea in my head 
because all the babies I've ever known have had blue eyes.
They change later,
I know that,
but they tend to be a shade if bluey-grey at birth.
I'm not sure why I thought this, but I did.

And then the little guy was born
with the most amazing and beautiful chocolatey brown eyes.
Which at the time, I thought, made him extra special.

But it turns out babies are born with all sorts of different coloured eyes.
Lots are bluey-grey, yes. As was my experience thus far.
But lots are brown or green or hazel or grey too.

Not that this makes my baby's eyes any less special you understand.
His eyes are simply the most beautiful on the planet.

They are a wonderful mix of the hubby and me.
His perfect eyes are big like mine and the same shape as mine too.
They have his daddy's long eye lashes.
And are brown like his too, but a different brown.
It's like he took the best bits from us both 
and then added a bit of something all his own.

His eyes tell me everything that I need to know,
just like his daddy's do.
They tell me when he's happy or excited,
tired or poorly,
angry or confused.

My husband has never been one for great romance
and grand gestures.
But I can tell by the look in his eye
that he loves me,
adores our son
and would fight for our life together with all he has.

And lately the little guy gets a little look in his eye
that looks a lot like his daddy,
when it's late and he's tired
and I'm giving him a cuddle.
And it sure looks a lot like love to me.


  1. Great photos of your lovely little boy, and great post too.

    My nieces were all born with deep purple eyes -now that did look peculiar...their mum, my sis has blue eyes and their dad has green eyes.....thankfully they now have kind of greeny, bluey mixed uppy eyes - but no purple any longer...lol

  2. Awww what a gorgeous post. He really does have beautiful eyes!

  3. lovely big brown eyes....I don't think any of mine were born with blue eyes...even the blue eyed one!

  4. Wow, I thought all babies had blue eyes, my midwife even told me they did because we thought Iylas were brown when she was born! I love brown eyes and his are gorgeous. Iylas are a perfect mix of mine and Dad2BabyInsomniacs too, it's so clever how it works x

  5. Lovely words and lovely pictures!

  6. Gorgeous! He has deep, beautiful eyes indeed and your photographs and words are wonderful.

  7. Such a babe. I have a chocolate boy too so I totally get it. He still melts me with his eyes even now he's no longer a baby...

    1. I can't imagine a time when his eyes won't totally melt me too. Just gorgeous. X

  8. I always say it about your boi...but them eyes!! x

  9. What lovely photos and words, thanks for sharing

  10. What lovely words and gorgeous eyes xx


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