your forty-sixth week

It was all about Christmas.
Your first Christmas.

The Christmas excitement started on Christmas Eve
with the first of our little family traditions.

Noel the Penguin 
who had come to stay when the Christmas fairies came to decorate our tree
had to go back to the North Pole.
We were very sad to see him go
because he had been such a good house guest.

He had even gone on holiday to Butlins with us
because he was checking out whether we were all well behaved or not.

But Noel didn't leave us empty handed.
He left behind a note saying thank-you for letting him stay
and that he would be telling Father Christmas that you were a very good boy.

Noel also left behind some lovely presents for us all.
So you got some early practise at unwrapping presents 
just before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

He had left us all a new set of pyjamas to wear for Christmas night.
Your sleepsuit was red with stars on and a reindeer
and he had left you a new pair of lion slippers too.

As we put you to bed on Christmas Eve
it wasn't hard to tell who was most excited.
It was Mummy.
You were quite clearly oblivious to the fact that anything exciting was happening at all.
But as Mummy hung your stocking on your door
it brought a little tear to her eye.

She couldn't quite believe that after years of hanging out her own stocking
for Father Christmas to fill with goodies,
she was hanging the stocking of her best present ever.

On Christmas morning
we all got up as normal;
changing your nappy
and having a cuddle and some milk in bed.
Then we checked our stockings
and sure enough,
Father Christmas had been.

He had left some lovely presents for you in your stocking,
including some lovely new books,
some colourful animal finger puppets
and some new starry socks.

But by far your favourite present from Father Christmas
was a new cup.
It was an instant hit.
You had a look at it for a bit and were quite intrigued,
but then we filled it with water
and you pulled a huge smile as you worked out what it did.

Father Christmas has also delivered some more presents for you under the tree.
You had a rocking horse from Mummy and Daddy
which you were interested in the instant you saw it.

You looked a bit unsure at first
when we put you on for a little ride,
but soon you were grinning and giggling.

You gave Daddy some Lego
which was exactly what he had asked for,
so he was absolutely thrilled.
And you gave Mummy a bracelet 
with your name and birthday engraved on one side
and 'my beautiful boy' engraved on the other.
She loved that fact 
that she could now take you with her 
wherever she went.

We spent the rest of Christmas day at Nanny and Pops
with a brief visit to see G.Nan.

You were thoroughly spoilt by everybody
with clothes and toys and books.
You had already had a walker from Nanny and Pops
but they had got you more presents
including a wooden toy train with your name on.
Uncle Matt and Auntie Jen bought you your very first pair of Converse trainers
which were just about the cutest and trendiest things in the world.
And G.Nan had got you a brilliant activity cube
that you could stand at and play with all the different sides.

We couldn't help thinking back to last Christmas,
when you were still in Mummy's tummy.
And we couldn't believe how much you had changed our lives
in such a short time.

We felt so blessed to have been given you.
You had given us so much joy and happiness
and we just couldn't believe our luck.

Sharing Christmas Day with our lovely little man was simply magical. 
We all had a wonderful day.
It was perfect.
Just like you.


  1. This is lovely hun and I really like the idea of Noel the penguin what a cute tradition. How funny that his favourite present was a cup! X

  2. Your first christmas together, magical memories. They grow up way too fast. xxx


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