your forty-ninth week


You seemed more like a little boy than a baby with each new day that passed.

You were always an extremely happy and content little thing.

You loved to go on different adventures 
and were so nosey that you'd quite happily adapt to changes in your routine 
as long as there was something exciting to keep you occupied.

You would also winge and throw little strops now,
normally when we stopped you doing something you were enjoying.
And you would make sure to let us know if your were still hungry when your food was finished
as you would simply yell until we gave you more.

You would actively seek us out now
which we absolutely loved.
If you knew that Daddy was working from home in the bedroom
you would pop up to see him every now and again 
to smile at him and say hello.

And if you were feeling tired or a bit sad
you would crawl over to Mummy
and when she picked you up,
you would lean into her neck and shoulder for cuddles.

It might sound silly,
but we really loved it that you seemed to like us so much.
And that you wanted to spend time with us.
It was really nice to see that you loved us back.

After a big pause in your teething
you started working on some more teeth.
The mountains of dribble were the first indication
and after a few days Mummy checked your gums
and one new tooth had already cut and another was about to.

We considered ourselves and you very lucky
that new teeth didn't seem to bother you at all
other than making you soggy 
and making you want to chew on everything.

Lots of people were starting to ask of you were near to walking yet
but it didn't seem like you were in any hurry to travel on two feet.
Both Mummy and Daddy were early walkers,
but you were so quick on all fours that you just weren't interested.

You loved to pull up and stand,
would happily use your walkers to move about
and were beginning to cruise around the furniture,
but if you really wanted to get to something or someone
then crawling was a much quicker way to do it.

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  1. I am glad that I am not the only with a baby that likes having a little strop every now and again! Generally where Mads is concerned it is normally to do with food! ;) Some lovely photos this week! x


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