inspired - a first birthday party

Lots of things inspire me.
People inspire me.
Blogs inspire me.
Poetry inspires me.
Music inspires me.
But most of all, pictures inspire me.

Pictures give me ideas and make me 'feel' different things.
And I'm not just talking about photographs,
art or drawings have been known to bring a tear to my eye.

So each week I'm going to share five pictures of little things that I've seen and liked. 
Things I want to have a go at, 
would like to have 
or am simply sharing with you all.

This week, with a beautiful boy that has his first birthday looming, 
I've been thinking a lot about his party.
We've booked a hall to have his party in
because we simply don't have room for everyone at home.
So I've been seeking party inspiration this week,
and here's some of the loveliness I found.

I really want to make the birthday cake myself.
Partly because I think it just feels like a 'mummy' thing to do,
partly because I like baking,
and partly because I really want to make (and eat) this cake.

So the cake inspired something of a rainbow theme.
I think a big garland of balloons would look beautiful.
Although perhaps not quite that big!

And as the rainbow cake wouldn't be terribly child friendly,
what with all the artificial colouring and all,
I thought that this would be a yummy and beautiful addition to the baby buffet.

I really want a way of recording everybody that comes to the party
and I think that this is a really pretty idea.
Especially if I got people to write their names by their finger print.

And my final picture is another decor idea.
I've wanted to make some of these paper pom-poms for ages
and a beautiful birthday party might just be the time.

So, who wants to come to the party?

And if you are feeling inspired too
then the good news is that from next Monday
you'll be finding a little linky at the bottom of the post
where you can add your own post of five inspiring pictures.
You can choose any theme you like,
in fact it could just be five random pictures.
But you have to tell us why
and no more than five, or there will be trouble.

All photos were found via Pinterest
Click on individual pictures for their original source.
And credit for the title goes to MummyDaddyMe.


  1. Wow! Brilliant post! Funny enough I'm making the rainbow cake for my little ones party. I like the healthy buffet idea! How cool! Hope you have fun planning and partying xx

  2. These are all amazing!! I am particularly loving the cake and fingerprints. Beautiful Boy is going to have the best party ever (and I suspect everyone one else will think so too)

  3. I love all your colourful ideas, there are so many fab ideas out there! It looks sure to be a fantastic day. I know what you mean about the cake, bought just isn't the same when it's your little ones birthday. This has made me really have a think about properly using Pinterest as I always forget ideas and some might not be needed until months ahead, I think it's a great way of storing ideas that you have long forgotten about! xx

  4. oooh fab idea, and great birthday theme! x

  5. What a fabulous idea- and thanks for the little mention! I love all the colours- what a pretty post. His birthday party sounds like it is going to be amazing xx

  6. I want to come to this party and most definately eat that wonderful colourful looking cake.

  7. Love the rainbow theme! I made pom pons fort the first time recently and they looked great, yet were so easy! I would definitely recommend!

  8. oh Lucy what a wonderful theme for his birthday party! these photos are great and the cake is amazing but the plate of rainbow coloured fruit is very clever!!! ooooh i am liking this theme very much - i may have to umm well *borrow* this for Jenson's 1st birthday! maybe . i cannot wait too see how it all turns out at his actual party - good luck x


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