your forty-eighth week

Time was flying by so fast.

And in four short weeks you would be one-year-old.

It was strange 
because Mummy and Daddy could no longer remember what life was like 
before you arrived and stole our hearts.
But you also still seemed so brand-spanking new.
So pure and so perfect.

It really is true that time flies when you are having fun.
Because a year is normally a reasonably long time,
but your first year was flying by in a heartbeat.

We had been waiting a while for your first clear and definite word.
And in your forty-eighth week we got it.

You stood up in the bath,
waved at Darcy and said "cat".
Mummy would have thought it was a fluke
except you did the exact same thing
when Wentworth walked into the bathroom a minute later.

Mummy was so proud and excited.
But also disappointed,
because after weeks of having Mummy and Daddy at bath times
you chose one when Daddy wasn't home yet
to say your first proper word.

One of your new favourite things to do 
was to terrorise the cats.
You loved to crawl up the hall at great speed
to get into our bedroom
because the cats liked to hang out in there.

Then you would go in search of a tail to pull
while screeching at the top of your voice.
This would spook the cats and they would go crazy,
which just made you smile and do it more.

You had been a really lucky boy
and had been bought lots of books as presents and with Christmas money.
And we were trying to make sure that books played a big part in your day.
So each morning you would read a book with Mummy
all snuggled up together after your milk.
And then you would have another story at bedtime,
either from Mummy again
or from Daddy if he was home.

It was completely heart melting to see you enjoying books.
You definitely remembered some of the books
as you would anticipate the page turning
or get excited about particular pages
with a tactile area or a glittery shape.

Sometimes you would get books out to play with by yourself.
Or even better,
would crawl over to us with a book that you wanted us to read to you.


  1. You can't beat a little book worm :-)

  2. Mads loves reading too and it is an activity i will definitely be encouraging- my dad used to read me a bedtime story every night and I used to love it. xx

  3. Love this blog... he is totally cute! xx

  4. Love this blog and your boy is gorgeous xx


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