my favourite photo in january

It was really hard to pick just one favourite photo for this month.
Because I started One Beautiful Year this month
and have been taking and posting a photo a day since January 1st,
I've got so many more photos to choose from.

But I have to say that I just love the one I've chosen
and it wasn't even part of my One Beautiful Year project.
I took this picture of my beautiful boy
as a sort of pre-birthday photo shoot.
I plonked him in his toy box and just kept clicking.

I think he looks so pure and angelic.
And he looks like my little baby again.

I love that kid so much.
He's just plain perfect.


  1. Beautiful shot! Babies are such lovely subjects.

  2. This is a gorgeous shot hun- I love the very well positioned teddies in there with him! You take so many lovely shots it is probably hard to choose! x

  3. What a gorgeous photo! He looks like an angel. xx

  4. that blanket looks so snuggly :)

  5. I'm smiling at him and the teddies - it's just too cute!

  6. Really adorable little baby boy. Picture are so beautiful and cute.

  7. I love your blog. What a wonderful space you will have for your son to look back on. Gorgeous photo!

  8. this really is such a precious picture - your little man is adorable! :)


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