phone photos

Last Christmas, 
while eagerly awaiting the arrival of the little guy, 
we invested in a rather swanky camera 
so that we could take hundreds of pictures of his every movement. 
Well you can forget hundreds, 
we’ve taken thousands. 

But I have to say that some of my favourite photos of him haven’t been taken with the fancy camera. 

Personally I love that we are never very far away from our cameras these days. 
I think we get so many more fantastic photos as a result. 
Since starting One Beautiful Year
I have easily taken ten times more photos than I would normally,
and I normally take a lot.

But I have to admit that I tend to lug my DSLR around with me everywhere.
The camera on my phone is rubbish.
In fact my phone is pretty rubbish to be honest
and I've become a bit addicted to the better quality you get with a DSLR
so much so that I tend to put that in the changing bag when we go out
rather than the far more practical compact camera.

But camera phones have been there when a proper camera hasn't
and they have captured moments which would have been otherwise lost.
On my phone I snapped his excited flailing arms the very first time he went swimming; 
it was blurry but really caught his anticipation. 
We caught him standing up for the first time with the iPad camera; 
not just in photo but in video too, 
we have the whole proud experience in all it’s glory.

But my favourite phone photo of him
also happens to be the very first photo of him ever.
He was still brand new and was drinking his parents in for the very first time. 

This photo introduced my son to his grandparents
mere moments after he was born,
in a picture text message
along with the line
"Somebody can't wait to meet you!"

Phone photos seem to capture my real son, 
in the real moment. 
And I think that these candid photos are the ones he will look back on and like the best.


  1. I completely agree with you, my iPhone has all the "best bits" on it, whereas Daddy (the professional photographer) gets some fantastic photos of Noah, they are not candid as much as mine. I have the very first one of Noah on my iPhone too....

    Love this post hun x

  2. What a beautiful little squidgling! I just want to scrunch him up! Broody now and almost 45, so that's not fair is it?!!!
    By the way, your blog layout is lovely and clean & fresh - I like.

  3. Gorgeous! And what a brilliant photo to introduce your baby to the world... very special xx

  4. So gorgeous, I love newborn baby pics! I love taking pics on my phone and being able to send them to friends and family is a big reason why. Amazing technology x

  5. Such a precious photo. I have over 2000 pics on my phone and I really need to back them up! I just love flicking through them!

  6. Newborns really do look like they've had an incredibly tiring journey to get here don't they? and those big eyes? Look like they've seen it all. Gorgeous boy and I bet you'll have loads of entries for LAB this week

  7. Awww. How lovely. I've seen a few newborn photos on this week's gallery and they are all perfect.

  8. Aah i love that this is the 'Introducing DBB" post- I still remember Mr E sending the 'here is Mads' text- how exciting! x

  9. Totally agree, sometime I put up a few silly pics or vids but most I keep to myself :)

  10. Oh I love a newborn pic. It seem so amazing to be able to capture that seconds old photo and then show the world within minutes. Love it. x

  11. Aww that's such a great capture and the story with it is very lovely!

  12. So lovely. Our first pic of Jessica was taken on my phone and sent to family members too. x


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