I love all of the little guys clothes.
That boy has a bigger and better wardrobe than me.
Not that I mind
because baby clothes are just so miniature
and so darn cute.

So a little idea was hatched
a plan for a new linky.
A new kind of linky.
A shared linky.

has a super cute, super gorgeous, super trendy little lady called Mads.
And I of course have my beautiful boy.
Well the gorgeous girl and the beautiful boy get cameras stuck in their faces,
a lot.
And Katie and I have both started this new year off with great plans
to take more pictures,
to blog more,
and to make our blogs really good records of what our lives are like.

And during one of our late night chats about blogging
(we talk about other things sometimes!)
we realised that we were both planning on starting the same linky.
So after more late night chatting
and a 'business meeting' with our shareholders
(AKA the hubbies and the babies who were kept quiet with copious amounts of raisins 
- the babies that is, the husbands gave lots of constructive and not so constructive help)
we decided to join forces and run this baby together.

So pretty.little.things was born
And it will run like this:
A linky will open every Friday
and will stay open until the following Wednesday
giving you plenty of time to post.
One week Katie will host the linky,
the next week I will, and so on.
Each week we will give you a theme to post about which will be something to do with
the pretty.little.things that children acquire.
It could be a colour of clothes,
a type of accessory,
even a sneaky peek in their bedrooms.
And when the linky closes on a Wednesday night 
we shall deliberate over the week's entries
and hand out awards.
Yes, awards.
So you can tell all your friends how cool your pretty.little.thing is.

This week for the first ever pretty.little.things
we are both posting about Our Favourite Outfits.
This is my current favourite outfit for the beautiful boy.

He lives in jeans
and as he's working on some more teeth 
he's also currently living in dribble bibs.
The shirt was a gift from his Nanny
who is as obsessed with buying him clothes as I am.
And the gorgeous diddy little Converse trainers
were a Christmas present from his Uncle Matt and his Auntie Jen.
I heart them..... big time.

(I told him I wanted a model pose,
and this is what we go.
Clearly we will be working on this for future weeks)

So there you have it.
Easy peasy huh?

And next weeks theme is
Going Home Outfits.
Because we know we can't be the only ones who put some thought into this first crucial outfit.
Their first outfit for out in the world.

So come back next week and link up.
We can't wait to see all the you've got to share.

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  1. Wow I love your new linky! ;) But seriously that outfit is so cute- I love his little converse, I don't know if you know what Tom's are but Mr E has some (they are shoes) and they do a little pink pair that I really want to get for Mad so she can match her Daddy! x


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