your fiftieth week

You continued your race towards you first birthday.

And in your fiftieth week
we moved you into your big boy, front-facing car seat.
We knew that you would love it before even trying you in it
because you were such a nosey little thing
that we knew you would love the view.
And you didn't disappoint.

On your first test drive
you stated out of the window absolutely transfixed,
except when the car stopped
at which point you would turn to smile at Mummy
as of you were thinking:
"Hey! Why did we stop?"

As you got used to it
you started to talk all the time that you were in it,
probably because you could see us now.
We were pretty sure you would never sleep in the car ever again because of the excitement.

You had got into a really good routine recently
which seemed to enjoy lots of sleep.
You would have two naps in the day;
one in the morning at about 10 after your breakfast,
and another at about 2 after your lunch.

You would go to bed each night between 6.30 and 7pm
and had recently been sleeping right through til 8 in the morning.
We were definitely liking the lay ins
but Daddy couldn't rely on you to get him up in time for work anymore.

Mummy did a little photo shoot with you at home.
She put you in your toy box with your name and birthday on the side
and snapped away.
Ever the performer, she got some lovely pictures of you
looking as gorgeous as ever
while you played in the box with your knitted bears Theodore and Edward.


  1. Gorgeous photos as always Lucy- he is such a better poser than Mads- if ever try and do photo shoots with her, she just ends up turning away and trying to look anywhere except the camera! x

  2. How lovely, we are in week 51, just 5days left until LissyLou's first birthday and I'm feeling a bit teary already! She is changing so much at the moment, still in her baby car seat because she is fairly petite but otherwise similar!

  3. Gorgeous pictures hun, I love his cheeky grin hehe ... we have that seahorse as well and always send josh to sleep x


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