inspired - a dreamy living room

Last week's first ever inspired was a feast of colour.
Very unlike me I'm sure you'll agree
because I am the lady who loves white.

So this week I'm going back to what I know and love,
the bestest, the beautifulest 
and quite frankly 
the only colour to really rock my world;
I've talked about my love of white on more than one occasion.
But in the very near future
some new white lovelies will be entering my life
and I'm just a little bit excited about it.
So excited that I will want to play house for a fair while after they arrive,
making things pretty,
taking pictures,
moving things about,
making things more pretty,
taking more pictures.

So this week's inspired is all about
dreamy, gorgeous, luxurious,
lovely living rooms.

I love the coffee table.
I wish coffee tables weren't such hazards to small children.
And I love the shutters on the wall.
I want shutters.
Ooh and mirrors too.

And while I'm dreaming
some real wood flooring
lovingly scrubbed and then painted white.

Some great big windows to let in lots of light too.
And an original fireplace 
for when the light isn't pouring in the windows
and I want to be all cosy.

Lots of lovely fresh-from-the-garden white flowers would be nice too.
And special ones that my cats won't try to eat
or knock over,
or drink the water from.

And this sofa.
I want to lie on it.
I want to cuddle the hubby on it
And snuggle with the beautiful boy.
But mostly I want to nap on it.

Anyone guessed what new white lovelies are coming to live in our house?
There's a theme.
A clue in each and every picture.

I can't wait to see all the lovely inspiring things that you guys link up this week.
And feel free to grab the inspired badge.


All photos were found via Pinterest.
Click on individual pictures for their original source.


  1. Ooh, did you get your new sofas?! Super jealous, we're saving as of now!
    You're a braver woman than I am mixing a baby and white furniture though!x
    Loving the linky by the way, I need to get onto Pinterest so I can take part.

  2. Yippee I can't wait to join in- I love white also! I shall get my inspired thinking cap on now! xx

  3. They are all gorgeous rooms. Not practical with a 2 year old and a boxer dog though!

  4. Our new house is decorated in white and grey from top to bottom - I adore it! My other half drew the line at a white sofa (boo!) but I got my second choice of grey. All the photos are beautiful, I'd love to have a 2nd house (that was baby free) that was decorated exactly like that x


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