What's your favourite colour?
It's one of those questions, isn't it.
That gets asked
and you answer without a second thought.

My favourite colour.
I am going to use pictures which include my two favourite things.
The beautiful boy.
And the colour white 
(. . . and ivory and cream!)

One day old and already rockin' Mummy's favourite colour.

Ready to go home all dressed in white, with white accessories too.

In his little white bear suit, hand knitted by Nanny Marge.

Big white Mother's Day smiles.

Giggling in his white fluffy bath towel.

Modelling a lovely white jacket, hand knitted by G-Nan.

And then a new photo shoot especially for The Gallery this week. . .


My beautiful boy trashing my bed and being a cheeky monkey.


  1. These are really do have a beautiful boy!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What an adorable little boy! Lovely photos x

  3. Aww lovely - my favourite is the bear suit one!

  4. Lovely pictures of a very beautiful boy. Love the series of four at the end. Makes me feel all broody again!

  5. Aww, he's gorgeous! White suits him.

  6. Adorable baby boy, what a beautiful smile he has. Love your photos

  7. beautiful, babies in white are just well, beautiful!!

  8. Aww just too cute x

  9. Such gorgeous pics, looks all so lovely in White. I love the one where he looks really thoughtful.

  10. I love babies in white, I think it makes them look even cuter - if that's at all possible!

  11. Gorgeous and I love the colour ivory too- I especially love the one of him in the teddy outfit!x

  12. Gosh you are far too classy and how to you keep all that clean, especially with weaning and orange food? Gorgeous though, pure gorgeousness!


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