your thirty-seventh week

What a funny little guy you were becoming.

Not a day went by when you didn't have us laughing
at something you had done.
You could pull some really funny facial expressions
and you already seemed to know just which face to use
that would have the best effect.

You could really play up to an audience now
and you loved nothing better than sitting on the floor 
surrounded by all your favourite people
and pulling all your best faces at them.

We took you away for the weekend to visit Nain and Taid.
It was lovely for you to see them
and you enjoyed a whole day at a farm with them
while Mummy and Daddy went to a wedding.

But it played havoc with your sleep patterns
and you decided that getting up in the night would be a really good idea.
It made us all very tired,
but you stayed in good spirits
which was lucky.

You were always such a good boy,
and even if you were really tired
you very rarely cried.

You were getting really interested in the world around you
especially things that were up above you.
So you were starting to pull yourself up onto your knees a lot.

You were especially good at pulling up on the legs of your high chair
and on the boxes in the lounge so you could reach the sheepskin rug.

And then,
almost be accident.
You found yourself standing.

You only did it the once.
And you looked very confused and surprised.
But Mummy was there to see it
and was terribly proud of you.

We knew it wouldn't be long 
before you were up and cruising around the furniture.

Our tiny newborn baby suddenly seemed a long way away.

You were an absolute piggy when it came to food,
and with the exception of cod,
you ate everything we offered you.

You were starting to really enjoy finger foods now
and the independence of feeding yourself.
It was messy
but it was fun.

Your favourite meal was toasted English muffins
with butter and Marmite.
And it didn't matter how full you seemed
there was always room for a Petit Filous to finish.

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  1. Ah yes, however full Mads is she can always manage a Petit Filous! I hope you had a nice time at the wedding, and I hope his sleep is back to normal now? xx


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