a mummy blogger's milestone

I've passed a milestone and I hadn't even realised.
But I can't allow this particular milestone to go by uncelebrated.

On Tuesday I posted another weekly update for my beautiful boy,
. . .and it was my hundredth post.

When I started this blog back in mid June
with a post about first seeing the little guy
I thought it would take me forever to get to one hundred posts.
I only planned on writing one post every week,
maybe two if something really exciting happened one week.
And on those kind of estimations
it should have taken me the best part of two years
to reach one hundred posts.

But something happened. . .
. . .blogging grabbed a hold on me,
. . .writing grabbed a hold on me,
. . .photography grabbed a hold on me.
And here I am
not even four months in
and a hundred posts under my belt.

And I'm so proud of where I've ended up.
I've created a blog that I love the look of,
love writing for,
and which makes me stop and enjoy my son
(oh, and then take a picture of him and then write about what he did and how cute it was!!)
And it has opened me up to a fantastic community
who have been supportive, welcoming and so, so friendly.

This last month has seen lots of exciting things happen.
I've got involved with businesses, advertising and reviewing products
with my first review coming soon
as well as my first giveaway.

I've started a weekly guest blogging feature
which is rapidly gaining interest
and has given me the opportunity to showcase some other bloggers
and share some other voices with beautiful stories to tell.

And I've taken on a custom domain
and dropped the old 'blogspot.com' label
to become

I can't quite believe it.
But I'm so pleased and proud.
And I'm also so excited about what blogging still has to offer me.


  1. Yay! Go you! I've recently done my 50th post, and dropped the .wordpress to become minibreakmummy.com

  2. Well done and Congrats on your 100th post! Lovely blog I've only recently discovered.

  3. Beautiful blog and well done! I too only started blogging about a month ago and I love it, I just love the sense of community and understanding between bloggers! You should be very proud!

  4. Yey well done you x Wishing you many more posts and memories to blog about x

  5. Yay! One of my fav blogs! Looks beautiful and beautifully written as well! X

  6. Well done! That really is something to be proud of! Motherhood becomes so much a part of who we are and it's amazing how much more enriched our lives become, providing a wealth of material to blog about!

  7. Your blog is lovely and you write some lovely posts :-) Congratulations on your milestone! It sounds like a very exciting time xx

  8. Well done on reaching a 100 posts- what a great milestone. I love your blog! x

  9. Oh gosh - just looked and I've done 105 posts so missed my birthday too. I thought I'd only write once a week as well. Developed a serious habit somewhere along the line!

  10. What a lovely blog. I really get a sense of how important it is to you. ..... and it does look very, very good.

  11. Well done!! Lovely post and great blog! I can never imagine getting to 100 blogs! But the more I do the more I want to do! It is very addictive! :-) can't wait to hear more from you! x


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