our first look at you, our little dollop... - july 28th, 2010

We fell in love with you instantly.

We didn't know whether you were a boy or a girl back then.
Daddy was pretty convinced that you were a girl.
We didn't know what sort of person you would become
We hoped you would be a happy and healthy one.

That little tiny baby wriggling on the screen was simply, Dollop. 
And you brought a tear to our eyes just being able to see you for the very first time.

It was so completely bizarre watching you dance around inside Mummy's belly,
when Mummy couldn't even feel you yet.

And we were so excited about meeting you
one day
not to far away. . .


  1. Oh how lovely! This is the beginning, and looking down your sidebar at the photos over the months it's hard to imagine something so tiny turn into a little boy ...heh heh heh daddy got it wrong;)


  2. Lovely! I love the look of your blog, I'll be back later for a root around!

  3. I loved the scans! I just couldn't believe how amazing the first one was when you finally got to see a little wriggling things inside you, Iyla kept doing headstands and I just feel in love with her instantly :) Ahhh it's making me broody! x

  4. That's such a lovely beginning to a blog :) It's amazing how quickly they grow and how much you love them!

  5. such a lovely post

  6. What a great beginning for baby and blog!
    28th July 2010, Esther and William were 4 days old. Time flies doesn't it?


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