your twelfth week

You attended a very important wedding.
The wedding of your future king and queen.

Mummy felt that it was important that you watch the Royal Wedding,
even though you weren't old enough to know what it was all about.

You enjoyed watching it though.
You liked the music.
You liked the fact that Mummy kept making squealing noises and getting over excited
You liked Prince William's red uniform the best of all.

We had a street party.
You loved watching the older children on the bouncy castle.

You had become very interested in watching things.
You liked to watch your toys attached to your baby gym.
Sometimes you would talk to them in your own little way.
Sometimes you would smile at them.

It was adorable watching you.

You also started to react when you were left alone.

You would cry if Mummy left you.
Even if you could still hear her.
Which made it very tricky to get very much done.

But it was hard to mind,
because when you saw Mummy again, 
the treat would be a smile.

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