your second week

We loved getting to know everything about you.
And you seemed to be learning so fast.

You had already learned how to look cute for the camera.
A really valuable skill with Mummy around.

By your second week, you had begun to really look at us. 
Really, really look.
As if you could see right into us.
It really felt like you recognised us.

You were a great lover of the "splat cuddle".
Where you would lie across our chests, enveloped in our arms, with your face nuzzled into our necks.
It was your favourite place to fall asleep.

You were a good boy right from the start and always went four hours between your feeds. 
And even at two weeks old, you would sometimes go five hours between feeds at night. 
Which we thought was a real treat.

But you had to go back to sleep in a "splat cuddle".

And we didn't mind a bit because cuddling you was one of our favourite things to do.
Along with giving you baths, which you seemed to love right from the very first one.
And watching you sleep.
And smiling at you whenever you were awake.

You seemed to be developing a personality right before our very eyes.
Everyday seemed to bring a new facial expression.

And everyday you really did seem more beautiful to us than you had the day before.

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