your tenth week

We celebrated our first full week of you sleeping every night 
by going away for our first weekend trip.

We were more than a little worried that new surroundings might upset your routine.
That you might go back to getting up at night.
But we needn't have worried.
Like everything else you'd come up against so far, 
you took it all in your stride.

It was becoming clear that nothing would get between Master Roberts and his valuable sleep.

When you were only minutes old, 
the midwife had commented on how strong and alert you were.

We just thought of you as strong and nosey.

And now, in your bid to know everything that was going on around you,
you started to lift you head clear off the floor when you were having tummy time.

Your confidence grew really quickly.
And soon you were looking around and taking everything in.

You had found your laugh and now you were beginning to find your voice.

We could have really funny little 'conversations' with you.

Our conversations would be a mixture of silly noises.
Of making funny facial expressions.
Of babbles and gurgles.
Of smiles and giggles.

You seemed to want to copy us.
You liked to interact with us.

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