waking up on your very first morning - february 8th, 2011


Looking at your precious little face as you woke up on your very first morning was amazing. 

Daddy had to leave you and Mummy in hospital overnight 
but as Mummy watched you waking up it was like watching Daddy. 
You screwed your face up like you were denying the morning. 
You did a little stretch and let out a contented little moan. 

It was truly adorable.

When Daddy got back to the hospital to see you and Mummy, 
he couldn't believe how much you had changed already.

In the hospital, even though you were mere hours old, 
you were already such a content little baby boy. 
You hardly cried at all and just seemed to like being cuddled. 
And you were by far the quietest baby on the ward. 
And the best sleeper.

You were definitely a keeper.

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