your fourth week

Just as we were all getting used to living together, it all had to change.

Daddy had to go back to work.
He had gotten so used to seeing you all the time that it was hard 
to only see you in the mornings and the evenings.
Daddy missed you lots and kept emailing Mummy to check that you were okay. 

You and Mummy had to find a way of doing everything without him.
Mummy felt quite excited about "getting on with" being home with you.
It did feel a bit scary for Mummy at first, to be responsible for you on her own.

And the first day she completely forgot to eat anything.
On the second day Nanny Marge came round to see you 
and Mummy finally managed to eat something at four o'clock.

But by the end of the week we had all got the hang of it.

And the reward for all our hard work so far was a first real milestone:
You started to move your eyes to watch us move around the room.

We were so excited.

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