seeing your home and meeting your big brothers - february 8th, 2011

We had spent the months leading up to your arrival getting everything ready 
for you so that you would feel at home. 
Despite the fact that all you really needed was milk, nappies and lots of cuddles, 
we wanted you to have the best we could give you. 

Daddy carried you in from the car and then held you 
while Mummy gave you the guided tour of your bedroom. 
Silly, huh?

And we felt insanely proud to finally bring you home.

You were so very, very small.
But you made our home suddenly feel so very full.

You filled a gap that we hadn't known was there until you came along.
And even then, 
when you'd barely been in the world for 24 hours, 
it already seemed impossible to contemplate what it had ever been like without you.

Before you came along Mummy and Daddy had been the parents to two other little babies, 
of the fluffy variety.
We couldn't wait for you to meet each other for the first time.

You looked at them.
They looked at you.
They came over to smell you.
And we could have sworn that you smiled at them.

You and your big brothers liked each other right away.

In one short year, Mummy and Daddy had gone from a family of two to a family of five.

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