your eleventh week

You were a very lucky boy.
You had lots of lovely toys.

And you had just discovered a favourite.
Or rather two favourites . . .

Your hands.

You were fascinated by them.
You stared at them.
You wiggled your fingers.
And sometimes you even made yourself jump.
You had also learned how fun it was to put them in your mouth.

You were beginning to find your thumb to suck when you were tired.
Which was incredibly cute.

Having your morning nap with Daddy was swiftly becoming part of your routine.

After your first feed at six o'clock, 
Mummy would take you into the bedroom to see Daddy before work.

Daddy would always say he could only look after you for a minute 
because he needed to get in the shower.
Daddy would put a hair-dryer sound effect on 
because it was guaranteed to make you sleepy.

Then Mummy would come back an hour later to find you both asleep.

That noise made Daddy sleepy too . . .

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