your third week

We were starting to get into our stride as your parents.

We were beginning to anticipate what you might need. 
And when you might need it.

But sometimes looking after a tiny you felt a bit like a rollercoaster. 
We could never really know for sure what you wanted because you didn't always seem to know yourself.

By your third week with us we were getting a bit more settled. 
We were making the sleepless nights work in our own way. 
Mummy would feed you in the early evening and then she would go to bed. 
Then you would stay up in your bouncy chair, watching television with Daddy until you next needed a feed. 
It helped Mummy to get a few hours of extra rest 
as she was the one who would get up with you in the middle of the night. 
And Daddy liked getting some boy time with you and the fluffy babies.

You suddenly had lots more people wanting to come and visit you.
Lots of visitors came but you mostly slept through the visits.
And Mummy and Daddy spent the whole time talking about how great you were.

And all the visitors said you were beautiful.
They commented on how content you were.
They said how lucky we were.
That your skin was so beautiful and clear.
That you looked so much like your Daddy.

You already seemed a little less like "just a baby" and seemed to be getting a personality all your own.

You liked being rocked to sleep by Mummy. 
Especially if she was dancing and singing while she did it. 
We would skip through all the music channels trying to find a song and a beat that you liked. 
You seemed to like 80s music the best. 
You always fell asleep to Bon Jovi.

We loved our new jobs as your Mummy and Daddy.

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