your seventeenth week

Your seventeenth week marked a special event for Mummy and Daddy.

It was a year since they had first fallen in love with you.

Although it was only really the idea of you back then.

Mummy and Daddy had discovered on June 5th 2010 that they were going to have a baby.

We called the baby Dollop.
We didn't know then when you would arrive or who you would be.
But we loved you already.

You started grabbing for things intentionally.
Your toys.
Your bibs.
Mummy's hair!!!

Mummy would try in vain to firmly tell you "No" 
in the hopes that you would stop.

But the thing was, it was difficult to be cross 
when Mummy was so proud that you were starting to reach out and grab things.
And it was hard to be cross
when you looked so proud of yourself.

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