your birthday - february 7th, 2011

Finally a family.

It was only the third time we had ever seen you, but it was definitely third time lucky. 
Because here you were... in the flesh... looking right back at us.

And we knew that we would love you right away, but nothing really prepared us for quite how much. 

You were just so beautiful.
With Daddy's dark hair.
And Daddy's dark eyes.
And Daddy's tanned skin.
And you were a boy, just like Daddy.

... But you did have Mummy's big hands.

You were a skinny little 7lb 1oz thing 
and we so desperately wanted to take care of you,
and look after you 
and see that you would always be happy and loved.

And as we stared at you as you lay all wrapped up in Mummy's arms, 
you were staring right back at us in a silence that seemed to say
"I think I know you guys".


  1. Hi Lucy, I was just looking back at some of your archives. I wish I had time to do more. I wonder if I could be so bold as to add this lovely 'birth' day post to my Linky this week? It's a weekly nostalgia link-up and this week's theme is all about becoming a parent. It would be a great addition. You can find it here...

    1. Of course it can be added. In fact I saw the link to your blog hop this morning and was planning on looking through my old post to seeifone fitted. X


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