your sixth week

Once you had learned the excited, happy faces you received with one of your beautiful smiles 
you started smiling more and more.

And not for just anyone. . .

Your earliest smiles were for Mummy and Daddy only.

It made us feel terribly special that you smiled for us alone. 

It felt like your way of telling us that you loved us. 
Like it was your way of saying thank-you.
Like you were saying "I know you and you're doing alright as my Mummy and Daddy."

During your sixth week you went to visit Mummy's school for Show and Tell.
The children in her class were all really excited to meet you.
They had so many questions.
Why is he so small?
Does he have a dummy?
Do you have to change his nappy?

Mummy loved showing you off to everybody at school.
In fact she just liked showing you off generally.

You started going to a Mum and Baby group.
All the other babies seemed so big compared to you, looking so tiny in your car seat.
It didn't seem possible that you could ever get as big as the other babies.
It was hard to tell whether you enjoyed it or not as you slept the whole time.

Yet again, everybody cooed at how beautiful and settled you were.

And, yet again, Mummy had that now very familiar feeling of pride.

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