your sixteenth week

As much as we had got into the swing of being your Mummy and Daddy . . .

. . . we still had times when we had to pinch ourselves . . .

. . . times when we would realise just how fantastic it was to get to hang out with this cool little guy . . .

. . . how humbling it was to be so needed . . .

. . . how awesome it was to love something so much . . .

Our little boy rocked our world.

We were so proud of your newest milestone.
You were settling yourself to sleep at night.

We'd put you in your crib wide awake
- sleepy and full of milk -
but wide awake.
And you'd quietly lie there until you fell asleep.

No more rocking you.
No more shushing you.

Just a quick cuddle.
A kiss goodnight.

"Sweet dreams"

"Love you beautiful boy"

And we would see you in the morning.

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