me and mine {october}

Daddy is loving
* the return of Homeland.
* playing Grand Theft Auto.
* Cadbury's Pebbles.
* evening cuddles on the sofa with Wentworth.
* getting back into reading.

Mummy is loving
* having her nails painted in Chinchilly by Essie.
* Smash! Hands down best programme on television at the moment. I love it!
* wearing scarves and knitwear and boots again.
* how cheeky and funny the beautiful girl is becoming.
* morning snuggles in bed with the beautiful boy.

The beautiful boy is loving
* singing the alphabet song.
* playing with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
* stickers, stickers and more stickers.
* watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar on DVD.
* jumping, at every possible opportunity.

The beautiful girl is loving
* her beautiful new doll crib.
* pointing at anything and everything.
* playing with her tea set.
* cheese spread sandwiches.
* every kind of music and singing.


their space

their space


out of the mouths of babes {october}

"A, B, C, D, E and G,
H, I, J, K 
mumble mumble mumble
U, R, F
P, U, B,
double U, S, Y and bed."
(try singing this to the tune of the Alphabet song, it might make more sense.)


autumn adventures

music credit: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

Damp days don't bother my children.
Add a cosy coat and a pair of wellies
and damp autumnal days are perfect.
It just means oozy mud to play in
and puddles to splash through.

And when you have Mummy and Daddy to entertain you
and your Nanny and Pops as well,
well then it's just a recipe for adventures in the woods.


{the ordinary moments} new shoes

Shoes become the best friend,
and at times the worst enemy,
of girls.
They take you on amazing adventures,
special pairs tell special stories,
and take you on life changing journeys.
Some just hate your feet it would seem.

But my beautiful girl
now has her very first pair.
And she took them out on their very first outing this week.
No, she isn't walking properly in them yet,
but they came home with a bit of mud on,
so it must have been a successful first trip.

I think she likes them.


{our beautiful story} week forty-three

sunday 20th october
who said reading had to be quiet?

monday 21st october
a delicious chocolate treat

tuesday 22nd october
snugly pj days

wednesday 23rd october
sleepy girly

thursday 24th october
autumnal fun

friday 25th october
his new favourite toy

saturday 26th october
young love


autumn days...

Autumn days can be hit and miss.
They can be wet and miserable,
or warm and sunny.
And on those warm and sunny days
autumn is completely beautiful.
The utterly perfect time for a late afternoon trip to the park;
to giggle on the swings,
to count leaves,
to scare squirrels,
to sit on tree stumps,
to get wet clothes,
to see elephants in the shape of the trees,
to run and explore.


pj days

There is something about this change in the weather lately
that makes me far happier to stay at home.
The chill in the air,
the darker mornings,
the earlier evenings,
the dampness.
It is just so cosy and warm being together at home.


press here {what we're reading}

This book is hands down
one of the most fun, original and enchanting books
that I've ever come across.
My beautiful boy loves it.
I love it.
The New York Times loves it.


thirteen months new

You had grown up so much since turning a year that it was scary.


{the ordinary moments} my boys

This epitomises an ordinary moment.
They didn't even know they were being photographed.
And I didn't know I was photographing them.

Okay, so I did have the camera pointed at them,
but I was just checking my light and my camera settings
ready to get a different photo.
And then I looked through the memory card when I got home
and I found this . . .

A completely accidental photo
of an utterly beautiful and tender moment
between my two best boys.


{our beautiful story} week forty-two

sunday 13th october
mama's favourite and her favourite

monday 14th october
funny television faces

tuesday 15th october
capturing the details

wednesday 16th october
crashed out in my arms

thursday 17th october
enjoying some autumnal exploring

friday 18th october
two little blue fairies

saturday 19th october
a beautiful moment between my beautiful boys


wide open spaces

The beautiful boy has always come to life in the outdoors.
He lives for wide open spaces
and for fresh air.


little miss bronte {what we're reading}

Wuthering Heights is my absolute favourite book of all time
so a baby version for my beautiful girl
simply had to be purchased as soon as I saw it.




{our beautiful story} week forty-one

sunday 6th october
hello bath time

monday 7th october
cool dudes in their matching onesies

tuesday 8th october
her favourite place to watch television - as close as possible

wednesday 9th october
comb over

thursday 10th october
helping clean up g-nan's caravan for the winter

friday 11th october
him + her + mummy turning her back for a minute = sprinkle mess

saturday 12th october
can't get enough of this girl


my breastfeeding journey continued

I would say that breastfeeding has been one of my biggest surprises
in parenting as a whole.
I didn't have mixed feelings about it before I had the beautiful boy,
it was more that I had no feelings about it.
I wanted to give it a go,
but I wasn't at all worried about whether I would keep it up or not.
I had no expectations,
and my breastfeeding journey with my son,
just amazed me in the best way possible.
Second time around was different
because prior experience meant I had a ton of expectations.


the very hungry caterpillar {what we're reading}

Right now, the go-to book of choice
is an absolute classic.
A book that every child should read and know.


our day in the spotlight

I have always loved photos and the moments in time that they capture.
Having children really awakened a passion for photos
in my bid to record and remember every single one of their quirks and charms.
This year the Me & Mine project was started
and I've noticed my mindset change,
and instead of just recording my beautiful babies,
I've been making more and more attempts to record us as a family.


your thirty-second month

You were so interested in learning lately.


{our beautiful story} week forty

sunday 29th september
"I help open the presents?"

monday 30th september
eating the frosting first

tuesday 1st october
finding all the new toys a place to live

wednesday 2nd october
cosy toes in new slippers

thursday 3rd october
a building blocks kind of morning

friday 4th october
loving the alphabet song

saturday 5th october
a date with my best boy


a beautiful girl's birthday party

There was never any doubt in my mind
that we would celebrate my beautiful girl's birthday in style.
One whole year on the planet deserves to be celebrated,
and one whole year of bringing up a baby deserves to be acknowledged too.
Our little man had a big first birthday bash
and there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity
to plan an exciting party for our little lady,
and to scream from the rooftops just how proud we are to have her.

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