out of the mouths of babes {october}

"A, B, C, D, E and G,
H, I, J, K 
mumble mumble mumble
U, R, F
P, U, B,
double U, S, Y and bed."
(try singing this to the tune of the Alphabet song, it might make more sense.)

"Get me down in here."
when he wants to be put down.

after a mummy-son date
Mummy: "Did you have a good time?"
beautiful boy: "Yes Mummy. We watched the film on the big rectangle television. And we had popcorn."

in the car
Mummy: "We'll be home really soon."
beautiful boy: "Yes home is not very far away."
Daddy: "No. That's right, we're nearly there."
beautiful boy: "Good. Home has disappeared altogether."

while trying (and failing) to climb on Mummy
beautiful boy: "I'm going to climb on your back Mummy."
Mummy: "Are you? Is that a good idea?"
beautiful boy: "Yes."
Mummy: "Okay then."
beautiful boy: "Oh no Mummy. I can't do it. We need a mouseker-tool."
(He clearly loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a little too much.)

beautiful boy: "Oooh, Mummy. It's very dark."
Mummy: "Yes."
beautiful boy: "And it's very nighttime."
Mummy: "Yes it is."
beautiful boy: "There are lots and lots of stars in the sky."
Mummy: "Yes."
(we walked along for a couple of seconds in silence.)
beautiful boy: "And it's very windy Mummy."
Mummy: "Yes, it's definitely windy."
beautiful boy: "Oh no Mummy. The wind will blow the pretty stars away."

in a toilet cubicle at a motor way services
beautiful boy: "You're making a weewee Mummy."
Mummy (whispering): "Yes I am."
beautiful boy: "Well done Mummy, good girl."
Mummy (whispering): "Thank-you."
beautiful boy: "Let me see."
Mummy (whispering and trying not to laugh): "No sweetheart."
beautiful boy (shouting): "Here you go Mummy. Here's some tissue to wipe your bottom."
Mummy (laughing): "Thank-you very much!"

playing with some alphabet toys
"a is for apple. b is for ball. C is for yellow car."

"Mickey and Minnie go in the heart together. Because they love each other. They want to be together. Ahhhhhhh! Have a cuddle Minnie and Mickey."
(What a romantic!!!!)

"It's night time now. The sun is gone. The clouds are gone. But it will be day time another day."

"Mummy! I love you more than mostest."

"It's a giant crisp with polka dots."
(he was talking about a poppadom.) 

beautiful boy: "Move. You're in the way."
Mummy: "That's not very polite. We say excuse me."
beautiful boy: "Okay, excuse YOU Mummy."

beautiful boy: "He's feeling very sad."
Mummy: "She. We say she when we talk about a girl."
beautiful boy: "She?"
Mummy: "Yes, she. Your sister is a she."
beautiful boy: "She for sheep?"
Mummy: "Yes that's right."
beautiful boy: "Baaa baaa. She is a sheep. Baaa baaa."

beautiful boy: "She's got a banana yoghurt."
Mummy: "It's not banana actually, it's vanilla."
beautiful boy: "Banilla."
Mummy: "No, not banilla, VA-nilla."
beautiful boy: "Nanilla."
Mummy: "VA-NILL-A."
beautiful boy: "Very nilla?"
Mummy: "Okay, very nilla it is."

Mummy: "Is that yummy?"
beautiful boy: "No."
Mummy: "Is it delicious?"
beautiful boy: "No. It's chocolate."


  1. This is adorable! Really put a smile on my face this morning!x

  2. Mouseker tool - I remember the clubhouse well hehe.
    My two called poppadoms big crisps for years too!

  3. That is really very #funee! Made me smile

  4. I love you more than mostest - utterly adorable :) #wotsofunee

  5. So cute the stuff they come out with! Glad to see he still loves you more than monsters... PHEW! x #funee

  6. OMG he's hilarious! I remember when Z was his age and use to come away with things like that. Blowing the stars away, how cute! x

  7. This is the cutest one so far I think! x

  8. aww very cute!
    that mumble mumble part in the alphabet song could be 'ellehmenohpee' as that's what all 3 of mine said...like it was a word of it's own!

  9. Sooo cute! I love the 'No It's chocolate!' one. I asked Lissy the other day if her sister was nice and she replied 'No Mummy, she is awake!'.

    L x

  10. I need to take this lead and start recording some of my wee man's statements. These are so cute. I just love how he loves you the mostest!

  11. So sweet, I love the way their minds work!

  12. How beautiful and adorable especially the toilet cubicle episode - loved reading these #wotsofunee

  13. Oh I actually think this is the best yet! So cute! He's got such a cracking personality! xx

  14. There is nothing cuter than an innocence of a child and this post exudes that. I can just picture the toilet scene happening, I hear times like this alot in public toilets and it makes my heart smile.
    BB seems to have found his voice

  15. Ahh Cherry has always called vanilla 'bermilla'! x

  16. i think my fav is very-nilla :) so cute!

  17. He sounds like a scream - really funny!


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