pj days

There is something about this change in the weather lately
that makes me far happier to stay at home.
The chill in the air,
the darker mornings,
the earlier evenings,
the dampness.
It is just so cosy and warm being together at home.

I remember when my beautiful boy was a tiny baby
we had a busy routine of groups to attended
and regular things that we did each day of the week.
But I always tried to keep our Fridays free.
On Fridays we would stay in,
have our naps and meals
at exactly the perfect times.
We would play,
we would be lazy.
We would cuddle . . .
a lot.

And pj days have remained a constant part of my mummy life.
In the first weeks with two children they were a lifeline.
Some weeks we are so busy
that our lazy days fall away,
but mostly we stay loyal to them.
We love our exciting days out
and our routines of groups and visits and play dates,
but ultimately a point will come when we crave a pyjama day.
A day spent entirely at home,
no walks, no quite visits,
the same, familiar four walls.

We snuggle in bed just a little bit longer.
We linger over our breakfast because we have nowhere else to be.
We dig through the movie collection
and we get cosy together under a blanket on the sofa to watch it.
It's not often that we actually stay in our pyjamas,
but comfy clothes are definitely the uniform of the day.

There is something about the comfort and familiarity of our pj days
and I work really hard to try and keep one each week.
Just one day to forget the outside world
and just enjoy being together.
The jobs can wait,
we can live without doing random errands for one day,
the outside world doesn't matter,
we have everything we need right here.

The beautiful boy's gorgeous pyjamas were kindly sent to us by Their Nibs.
They really are the loveliest sleepwear.
They are so very soft and really well made.
The fitted cut and style of them gives them a kind of vintage vibe
which I just love.
And they are covered in footballers and cricketers
with the husband just loves.
They are definitely too nice to only be worn in bed,
so we have decided that they are perfectly suitable clothes for our lazy days in.

The beautiful girl's adorable pyjamas were kindly sent to us by Name It.
With a cute floral pattern, frilly gathered ankles and pale pink piping details,
they are so incredibly pretty.
They are a soft, and quite thick jersey cotton,
perfect for the colder nights ahead.
In fact they look so lovely, soft and comfy
that I wish I had a pair in my size.

Both these items were sent free of charge for the purpose of this review
but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love a PJ day - I cannot wait till half term to have one with both my girls together xx

    1. I know when my kiddos are at school, I'll relish a half term pj day. x

  2. Hello Lucy, another high quality blog post from you. Thank you. :)

  3. I love PJ days, and that feeling of being all cozy and snug - their jammies are gorgeous too, especially the Beautiful Girl's. When Kitty was born she was given a similar looking Emilie et Rose sleepsuit by a very generous great-uncle which currently fits Elma and will continue to do so until she's lopsided when buttoned up I love it so!

    1. Ahhh, thanks. They both look very cute in their new jammies. And you really can't beat a PJ day. x

  4. I love a PJ day too. And BG's Jammies are gorgeous. I could so rock a pair of them too. ;)

    1. Haha. They definitely need to make them in mummy size. x

  5. Photography is superb Lucy. Keep up the good work. PJ days are fab... although I could hardly say ours are a full day (I wish!)

    1. Thank-you. And even a pj morning is better than no pj time at all. x

  6. I do love a pj day too, in fact when I am home I usually always change into my pjs as they are so much comfortable than normal clothing! Every time I see your house I just imagine how dirty it would be in I lived in it!! Mr C spends all day in his grabby workshop getting covered in every black car substance you can imagine, even after having a bath I wouldn't trust him to touch anything white without leaving a mark! x

    1. Hahaha. Fortunately my husband has a little touch of OCD. Plus the advantage of white is you can bleach everything. X

  7. I'm so jealous - i would love to do PJ days now and again but F just doesn't do staying indoors, even in the pouring rain - sob sob.
    Beautiful photos :)

    1. Ahhh, I think I am pretty lucky, there aren't many toddlers I know who will tolerate a whole day indoors. But we all love it once in a while. x

  8. PJ day sounds perfect! I like to spend most days in mine. There was one of those e-card funny things doing the rounds on Facebook and it said I live in my pyjamas unless I am going somewhere or I know someone is about to come over. Even then it is iffy! That's me :) Those PJs are super cute. I love BG's and would happily have me sized ones too! x

    1. Haha. I don't generally do my hair or make up if I'm staying in and not seeing anyone, what's the point? And I tend to stick with jiggers on those days too! x


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