press here {what we're reading}

This book is hands down
one of the most fun, original and enchanting books
that I've ever come across.
My beautiful boy loves it.
I love it.
The New York Times loves it.

The basic idea of Press Here by Herve Tullet
is that you follow the instructions given on each page
and you see what happens next.
It's incredibly simple.
But so beautiful executed.

I'm yet to see an adult pick up this book
and not get drawn into pressing down on spots on the page
and blowing away the dark pages.
There is something about this book that is just plain magical.

It feels so incredibly interactive
and yet needs no batteries,
which in this day and age is completely refreshing.
There is no doubt that my little man views this book
very much like a game or a toy.
He enjoys looking through it,
and remembering the directions.
He looks so incredibly proud of himself
as his actions give the results he expects.

In a nutshell this book is just pure fun.
It's creative, it's simple.
It's the kind of book I wish I'd invented.
We absolutely adore it.


  1. Where do you find books like this? Do you go to a book shop, or go on recommendations, or do you take a chance on Amazon?
    This one looks great, I love the different colours too x

    1. A combination between book shop browsing and spending a lot of time on amazon. This one was on a recommended buy list from amazon, so you could say I took a bit of a chance on it, but it's fantastic. x

  2. Now that is a real gem - I'm not sure we can wait until Christmas to add it to the library!

    1. You'd love it Carie!!! The girls probably wouldn't mind it either. x

  3. This looks brilliant Lucy. I think I'll add it to the list for William! xx

    1. It's seriously one of the best books we've had in a long time. And we have a LOT of books. x

  4. This looks intriguing! and one I am going to put on my list.. You always have such lovely books on this linky (you all do!)

    1. It's fantastic. Definitely worth buying as it's so much fun. x

  5. This looks wonderful Lucy, it's definitely going on our list for Christmas. Thanks for the recommendation. x

  6. Oh we don't have this one but I have heard good things about it before so adding it to our reading list I think!

    1. You should. It's really great, definitely worthy of the hype. x

  7. We have lots of Herve Tullet books. They're so fab aren't they
    Love the pics too can see how much BB is enjoying it xx

  8. Came across your post via Carie at Space for the Butterflies - looks like a fantastic book, I'm adding it to our wishlist! x


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