your thirty-second month

You were so interested in learning lately.

And we were embracing every opportunity
to teach you different things.
You had started to 'read' familiar books,
by looking at the text on the pages
and reciting the words,
which you had memorised.

This development made the teacher part of Mummy
so ridiculously proud
and so excited about the world of stories and make believe 
that you were beginning to access.
We had always loved the obvious joy you got from books,
but listening to you tell us an actual story,
never failed to make us smile.

You noticed letters everywhere you went
and they were now taking over numbers 
as your favourite thing to spot and name.
You enjoyed singing the alphabet song
and would sing it all the time
while running round and round in circles,
like a dog chasing it's tail.
And it was absolutely hilarious to watch.
And to listen to,
because you still got some of the letters in a bit of a muddle.

You sense of imagination was suddenly really taking off too.
You talked with your toys
and sometimes as your toys too.
And you enjoyed tucking them up to sleep,
sitting them to watch television,
giving them play food to eat
and having them at pretend tea parties.

As your sister turned one,
we celebrated a year of her
and also a year of you as a big brother.
You had been the most incredible big brother
and your sister was so, so lucky.
You were so proud of her
and would tell anyone at her party
that it was her party and that she was one.

You continued to be the kindest, friendliest little chap
and you genuinely just seemed to want everyone as your friend.
You were so incredibly charming
that nobody you met could resist you.

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  1. I love that first photo of him- it is so sweet. Mads imagination is just working over time at the moment, it is lovely to watch and see. x


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