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I've been wanting to share this ever since we moved, since before that actually if I think about it. I think as anyone who has ever moved house will know, the urge to put your stamp on a place is big. I'm undecided as to whether the fact we already knew our new house made this worse or better. In many ways it was nice to move in and know that we didn't need to rip out the fixtures and fittings of a random stranger we didn't know (anyone else just find the whole toilet seat and carpet thing a bit yucky to think about, or is it just me?), our home was brand new when my Nan bought it, and then we bought it from her, so we knew what we were getting into and there was something very comforting about that. But on the flip side, we knew the house.... and it was my Nan's, so it felt very strange for quite some time to be here without her, and to sleep here, and to get our heads around the fact it is now ours. Such a weird and unique and fun situation.

But the place is starting to feel like home more and more now. We are gradually making it our own, with a lick of paint here and a make over there. Don't get me wrong, it's going to be a long time before we are anywhere near "finished". In fact I doubt we'll ever be, because I'm sure we'll always be finding new things we want to do to improve and change where we live. But I am so excited to share some of the changes here on this blog; the room makeovers, our DIY adventures and everything in between. And I feel like, in order to paint the fullest picture, it's nice to see the beginning, the starting point; which will hopefully highlight just how far we've come.

I took these before photos on moving day. It was shortly after we got the call to say we'd completed and I was waiting for Rich to appear with the van. I walked from room to room, camera in hand, capturing the bare bones of our new home. There are still some random belongings of my Nan's dotted around, and some of the first things we moved in too. It is very much the starting point...!

I also thought I'd share our room by room to do lists, I'll try and link to relevant things as and when I can.

(I honestly didn't think I'd ever post such yucky, unedited photos on my blog... but I feel like everyone - myself included - will appreciate the after that much more, for having seen the before...!)

The Living Room

The Living Room List

- remove/replace wall lights
- new ceiling light
- new wooden flooring
- new area rug
- replace doors and hardware
- paint walls
- remove electric fire
- whitewash/paint fireplace
- makeover inside of fireplace (blackboard, candles, logs...?)
- get hurricane lamps for hearth
- buy two new end tables
- baskets for under end tables
- new slipcovers for sofas
- new desk chair
- new mirror/art work for mantle
- new mirror/art work for sofa wall
- remove curtains
- fit window shutters
- new floor lamp
- new lamp for end table
- new lamp for mantle
- install plug sockets on the sofa wall
- fit shelf above desk

The Play Room

The Play Room List

- remove/replace wall lights
- new ceiling light
- new wooden flooring
- new area rug
- get sofa bed
- remove curtain
- find big art work for sofa wall
- storage baskets
- paint walls
- feature wall?
- replace doors and hardware
- replace french doors
- research options for curtains/blinds/shutters
- get small play table and chairs
- wall mounted television
- consider new toy storage options?

The Kitchen

The Kitchen List

Phase 1
- remove curtain
- remove blind
- look at window options e.g. roller blind, slatted blind, shutters.
- buy tumble drier
- paint walls
- paint cabinets
- paint/replace tiles
- new back door
- replace doors and hardware
- remove key hooks
- remove glass cupboard
- put up shelves on open wall
- buy a big clock for open wall
- replace under lighting
- replace ceiling light fittings
- new hob
- new sink
- new extractor

Phase 2
- knock down wall to playroom
- new kitchen
- new flooring

The Hallway/Stairs/Landing

The Hallway/Stairs/Landing List

- new flooring
- new light fittings
- remove curtain on stair window
- paint walls
- replace coat hooks
- find suitable shoe storage
- remove front door curtains and rail
- gallery wall of photos up the stairs
- bookcase on landing
- new lamp for hall
- new lamp for landing
- new smoke alarm
- new carbon monoxide alarm
- replace airing cupboard shelving
- replaces all room doors and hardware

The Downstairs WC

The Downstairs WC List

- mirror cupboard above sink
- new sink?
- new taps
- remove curtains
- new window dressing?
- replace light cord
- paint walls
- new light fitting
- new toilet?
- new floor
- open shelving above toilet

The Family Bathroom List (for some reason I didn't take a photo in there)

Phase 1
- sort broken flush
- replace toilet seat
- replace mirror cabinet
- replace light cord
- paint walls
- new floor

Phase 2
- put in a window
- replace bathroom suite
- install over bath shower

Quinn's Bedroom

The Quinn's Bedroom List

- paint walls
- put up wall stickers
- buy drawers
- remove curtains
- look at window options e.g. blind, shutters
- put up floating shelves
- put up book shelves
- create a collage wall
- hang mirror
- replace cot with cot bed
- hang mobile from ceiling
- rug
- upcycle chest of drawers
- replace flooring

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom List

- get dressing table from storage
- buy a blanket box
- chair
- mirror on dresser
- new ceiling light
- new bedside lights
- paint walls
- consider feature wall?
- replaces doors and hardware
- remove curtains
- install shutters
- under bed storage
- replace flooring

The Ensuite List

- paint walls
- replace ceiling light fittings
- replace light cord
- new toilet seat
- open shelving above toilet
- mirrored cupboard above sink
- new flooring
(Phase 2 - replace shower, toilet and sink)

Everly's Bedroom

The Everly's Bedroom List

- paint walls
- look for desk/dressing table
- rug
- remove curtains
- install black out blind
- get doll's house from storage
- canopy above bed
- new bed
- new dresser
- put up photo shelves
- put up shelving
- new flooring
- look at storage for built in wardrobe

Dylan's Bedroom

- paint walls
- new desk
- clock wall
- collage wall
- hang space print
- hang map canvas
- remove curtains
- install black out blind
- put up shelves
- buy new sideboard/bedside table
- new flooring
- rug
- new chair

The Garden

The Garden List

Phase 1
- remove pergola
- remove summer house
- square off bottom patio
- remove pond
- remove flower bed between path and lawn
- get an outdoor sofa for top patio
- buy a BBQ
- get table and chairs for bottom patio
- bin all flower pots
- tidy up lawn edges
- fix back gate
- put in washing line

Phase 2
- paint/replace fences
- deck the top patio
- astro turf the lawn

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