the me and mine project {december}

Rich is loving
* our fake Christmas weekend when all the snow came.
* the 20 week scan. 
* frantic christmas morning unwrapping.
* Quinny's rapidly expanding vocabulary.
* ten days off with the family.

Lucy is loving
* the magic of Christmas morning together. 
* seeing the children playing in the snow. 
* the Fromagemas cheeseburger from Byron. 
* the Red Velvet Cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works.
* seeing our little bubba at our 20 week scan.

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter with Mummy. 
* playing Super Mario Odyssey with Daddy. 
* building a snow man. 
* talking about his new baby sibling. 
* singing Christmas songs. 

Everly is loving
* all her new Christmas lego.
* her sparkly party outfit.
* performing in the school nativity. 
* getting to eat lots of roast dinners this month. 
* reading her school books.

Quinn is loving
* breadsticks (or "dead dicks" as she calls them!)
* ripping open Christmas presents.
* doing whatever her big sister does.
* taking decorations off the tree. 
* her advent calendar. 


the siblings project {december}

Could anything be more perfect for a December photo of my little trio, than snow and festive hats and matching coats? Well I don't think so. It screams Christmas and winter and feels like the perfect way to round off another year.

It's been a busy old year for these three, and a year that has just brought them all closer. We moved, we went on holiday, Everly joined Dylan at school, and we announced that they'd be getting a fourth and final team mate in the Spring. The relationship between these three, the laughter they share, their similarities and their differences, and the way they learn from one another, and love one another; just makes me so excited to see them with their new baby brother or sister next year. What a year 2018 will be for my little crew of siblings.


tree traditions

For me, Christmas is all about traditions. Looking back at my own childhood, it was those things we did year after year that stand out in my memory; those things which made our Christmases ours. And I think it's only natural that so many of those get carried over when you become a parent and get to start your own traditions.

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