the me and mine project {december}

Rich is loving
* our fake Christmas weekend when all the snow came.
* the 20 week scan. 
* frantic christmas morning unwrapping.
* Quinny's rapidly expanding vocabulary.
* ten days off with the family.

Lucy is loving
* the magic of Christmas morning together. 
* seeing the children playing in the snow. 
* the Fromagemas cheeseburger from Byron. 
* the Red Velvet Cupcake candle from Bath and Body Works.
* seeing our little bubba at our 20 week scan.

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter with Mummy. 
* playing Super Mario Odyssey with Daddy. 
* building a snow man. 
* talking about his new baby sibling. 
* singing Christmas songs. 

Everly is loving
* all her new Christmas lego.
* her sparkly party outfit.
* performing in the school nativity. 
* getting to eat lots of roast dinners this month. 
* reading her school books.

Quinn is loving
* breadsticks (or "dead dicks" as she calls them!)
* ripping open Christmas presents.
* doing whatever her big sister does.
* taking decorations off the tree. 
* her advent calendar. 

Well December... where did you fly off to? And 2017 for that matter. It seems crazy to me that we're bringing another year to a close and about to welcome in 2018.

December has flown by in a flurry of snow and festive build up and Christmas magic and just all the twinkle and excitement of the season. We've all had a truly magical Christmas together, and I'm sad that it all has to be over so soon. 

And what a truly amazing year it's been for us too. 

We started 2017 in our teeny flat, on the cusp of the big house move. It was a stressful time, but we survived and its been completely worth it to starting putting down our roots in a proper home. We took the kids on their first plane ride and we had a fantastic trip to Dubai (something we can't wait to repeat in 2018!!!) Rich met his childhood idol. Lucy has been playing interior designer. Dylan lost his front teeth. Everly started at big school. Quinn has blossomed from a baby into a proper little girl. And we've rounded off the year with the news that we'll be adding the fourth and final kiddo to our family in the Spring.

What a year it has been...

2017 has been a pretty special year for us and 2018 has some big boots to fill... but something tells me that it might just do it.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. What a busy and amazing year it has been for you all and no sign of a quiet one in 2018 either! Thank you for another year of hosting me and mine project, it has given us so many wonderful family photos. Happy New Year x

  2. It's crazy when you start to think back across a whole year and realise just what you've managed to achieve - particularly any year that involves a massive house move! I love the matching PJ pictures and you had some perfectly timed snow - what more could you want for December pictures, and now roll on 2018 - Happy New Year!

  3. Oh I do love looking back at the year just gone so lovely. So many great photos and the kids growing up so much and a new baby bump jumping in too for both of us. 2018 is going to rock I can just feel it for us all. I am so excited for you!!! I love this project my fourth full year of it and I can't to become a family of five and do it all again and watch the littlest one slot in between. You have such a beautiful family and I love this project thank you so much for hosting it babes year after year. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Thank you for providing the motivation for a whole year of fantastic family photos!

  5. This is the most beautiful round up and I look forward to seeing how your family expands in 2018. Thank you for hosting this gorgeous link up x

  6. Oh Lucy, look how much your littlest has grown! I can't believe that next year there will be four, but I know that fourth will fit into these pictures just perfectly, like they have always been there. Thanks so much for hosting, this is such a big part of my blog each month and I'd have no family photos without it! x

  7. Such a gorgeous round up and wow what a year! Love being part of this community xx

  8. Such a great round up. A great year for you guys and more exciting times to come in 2018! Thanks so much for hosting the #meandmineproject. I love having these monthly photos.

  9. Gprgeous year and to think in 2018 we will see a 4th little bubba growing up too. I have to say I think the B&W shot is my fave all year xx

  10. What a beautiful collection of photos! Looking forward to seeing your family grow this year :-) xx

  11. So lovely to look back on another year of Me and Mine photos and see the changes that 2017 brought to your family. It was certainly a busy one for you! Quinn has grown up so much over this last year. Loving the festive photos from December, especially the matching PJs :-)

  12. Gorgeous Christmas photos and what a lovely year you have to look back on. Thank you so much for inspiring so many other people, including me, to capture their own family memories - it's been my absolute favourite thing we've done last year. Looking forward to seeing your family grow in 2018!

  13. Lovve the matching Christmas pyjamas, too cute! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas x


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