me and mine {august}

Daddy is loving
* the new football season.
* a day out at Cadbury World.
* how excited the beautiful boy is about reading.
* going paint balling.
* the little lady's cheeky faces.

Mummy is loving
* the cute little chats we can have with the beautiful girl now.
* swimming and how great it feels to be in the water.
* planning a little makeover in the children's room.
* how excited the little man is about starting preschool.
* being offered her dream job.

The beautiful boy is loving
* reading, reading and more reading.
* a day out with Mummy in London; visiting an empty Hamleys, lunch at Planet Hollywood and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
* singing 'Brothers and Sisters' by Twin Atlantic.
* dead heading the flowers and feeding the birds in Nanny's garden.
* kissing and cuddling everybody all the time.

The beautiful girl is loving
* dancing… at every possible opportunity.
* playing anything to do with babies.
* loganberry jam on toast.
* feeding herself with a "spooooon".
* everything to with fairies, Lady and Tramp.


him and her {week thirty-five}

he is going though a big kissing phase,
loves a bounce around on his space hopper,
and is unspeakably excited about starting preschool soon.

she just loves dancing all. the. time,
would eat banana with every meal if she could,
and is the bestest mama in the world to all her toys.


him and her {week thirty-four}

he just wants to run… always,
could eat a whole bag of grapes in one sitting,
and loves wearing flip-flops.

she will climb absolutely anything,
is obsessed with fairies and pirates,
and loves singing songs from Something Special.


me and you {august}

Over our years together,
we've had a lot of stand out days,
those amazing, take-your-breath-away days,
when you can't believe how lucky your are.
And it's been a privilege to share those days with this man;
my best friend, my partner in life.

Of course there have been plenty of special but normal 'every days' in between too,
and the not so amazing ones.
But somewhere in the hubbub of life,
every once in a while,
we take time to stop 
and look at just how lucky we got.
To thank our lucky stars,
for all the 'one days' that have been
and all the 'one days' we are yet to see,
and for having each other to share the 'one days' with.


him and her {week thirty-three}

he is super excited about starting preschool in a few weeks,
asks to go to London every time we say we're leaving the house,
and just wants to read, read, read.

she is a teeny bit obsessed with Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy,
asks to eat banana at least five times a day,
and will empty the book box in search of monkey books.


memories made, memories captured

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record,
photos matter to me a lot;
it's so important to me 
to capture our memories of now,
to look back on in the future.
Time flies past so fast and we don't know what is just around the corner,
we'll only be in this moment once,
and I want to grab it and remember it.


happiness and capturing us

Family photos mean a lot to me,
to us actually.
And I think anyone who has ever taken part in Me and Mine knows why;
there is something addictive about having yourselves recorded as a family.
Something about the beauty of seeing your family as the world sees you,
a unit,
the embodiment of what love means.
I see photos of us as a four
and I just feel such overwhelming pride,
that that happy, smiling family I see is mine.


siblings {august}

It seems apt that all the photos I have of my little twosome this month,
are of the back of two little blonde heads,
as they venture off into the distance.
Because these two seem to have been permanently off exploring together this summer
and it's strengthened their relationship so much,
and made their bond something with is very much theirs
and not something we're part of.

They have always liked one another,
always been happy to be together,
but over this summer I would say they have become real friends.
They are also really starting to lead one another astray some of the time,
but that's just another part of the sibling job description.
They are playmates now,
they are partners in crime.
A brother and a sister,
each other's first best friend.


him and her {week thirty-two}

he loves it when we praise him for being a kind big brother,
get super excited about little kitchen dance parties,
and never forgets anything we tell him,
especially when it involves an adventure of some kind.

she seems to learn a new word everyday,
is obsessed with playing with flashcards and BabyLit books,
and would eat fruit all day if we let her,
especially melon, bananas, grapes and strawberries.

mr and mrs

We've been a Mr and Mrs for five years now,
five years full of fun and laughter,
five years of ups and downs,
five years of bickering and annoying one another,
five years of adventures.


him and her {week thirty-one}

he such a clever little monkey with an answer for everything,
gets up everyday asking what adventure we're going to go on,
and is obsessed with learning to read proper books.

she loves nothing better than getting eye contact,
so that she can cast a spell on you with a cheeky twinkle,
and is so happy with her big girl bed that she wanders off for a little sit during the day.

picnics with friends

You can't beat a teddy bears picnic
for a simple and fun way to spend a summers afternoon.
It always amazes me how providing the same lunch as normal,
but on a picnic blanket surrounded by teddies
makes it all so much more exciting.

My two would happily have lounged on the blanket,
cuddling their bears,
while grazing on little snacks
for the whole day if they could.
And I loved it too.
Fresh air, a warm day, a cooling breeze
and happy playful children,
what's not to love?

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