happiness and capturing us

Family photos mean a lot to me,
to us actually.
And I think anyone who has ever taken part in Me and Mine knows why;
there is something addictive about having yourselves recorded as a family.
Something about the beauty of seeing your family as the world sees you,
a unit,
the embodiment of what love means.
I see photos of us as a four
and I just feel such overwhelming pride,
that that happy, smiling family I see is mine.

I love taking our family photos each month,
the challenge and the fun of bringing the shot together.
But sometimes it's nice to hand over the reigns to somebody else for a change,
so that I can focus on having fun with my family,
while someone else is worrying about the camera.
I could never get these totally natural moments of me just being me with my babies,
and that, for me, is totally priceless.

These lovely photos were taken by the talented Natalie of Erin May Photography.
Natalie took some gorgeous family photos for us last year (you can see those here),
and I was keen to book her again this year to take some more, 
this time in a place which is so special for us.
We had so much fun doing this shoot,
relaxed, happy and having fun,
and I think that really shows.


  1. They're gorgeous photos (and lovely beach huts too - what a pretty beach!) I know what you mean about always having part of your brain thinking about the camera and the shutter if you're taking the photos as well as being in them; they're never quite as candid as the ones that someone else takes, particularly when it's someone who knows your family or clearly gets how you all fit together. You all look so happy and relaxed in these pictures - just perfect!

  2. Beautiful photos - so lovely when you can relax in front of the camera and have some precious moments with you captured too :-)

  3. Beautiful photos, it so lovely to have someone capture your family and capture the special bond you all share. You have a beautiful family.

  4. These are just lovely Lucy. I love that they were taken in your special place, (which you still need to take your bestie too!) and you do all look so relaxed and happy. I love the fact that I take photos of our family but it isn't particularly relaxing is it, especially when Mr E isn't particularly good at making the children interact for my set up shots. ;) x

  5. What a totally beautiful pictures you look so lovely and the colours are really pretty

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You all are so happy and really shows how much fun you all are having together in these photos. I love natural photos and I think they make better photos too. At my wedding I ended up picking all the natural (not straight on posing) photos of us because like you said its more how the world sees us, not posing. The kids are growing up so quickly too. Can't believe it. Stunning photos! Glad you enjoyed it we are having our family photos taken in two weeks I am nervous to get the kids happy and cooperating.

  7. such lovely pictures these are...... capturing these precious moments is always a good thing to do :)

  8. I love these pictures. The only pictures we have of us four are the ones for me and mine. I am so very happy that we have those but I would love that I could just enjoy the moment and didn't have to worry about the camera x

  9. Such gorgeous photos, they are all stunning. You all look so relaxed and happy, such a lovely backdrop too. It must be lovely to not have to worry about taking the photos, such a beautiful bunch xx

  10. Beautiful photos! And do you know the white skies look so dreamy! Really natural - such a great photographer. Definitely agree it's worth investing in a shoot, it's easy when you take lots of photos yourself to forget to do that but I've said to Rich when we move I really want to have a shoot at the new house, something we can repeat as the years pass, in the same places around the house etc. I know exactly the photographer I want to book, just need to save the pennies! xxx


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