siblings {august}

It seems apt that all the photos I have of my little twosome this month,
are of the back of two little blonde heads,
as they venture off into the distance.
Because these two seem to have been permanently off exploring together this summer
and it's strengthened their relationship so much,
and made their bond something with is very much theirs
and not something we're part of.

They have always liked one another,
always been happy to be together,
but over this summer I would say they have become real friends.
They are also really starting to lead one another astray some of the time,
but that's just another part of the sibling job description.
They are playmates now,
they are partners in crime.
A brother and a sister,
each other's first best friend.

It's been a month full of siblings adventures,
and I've been loving watching my two together.
Something about sunshine and play dates outside
just seems to make all of us happier.
Can't wait to see what photos you've got to link up this month.

And I'm sending you to go and visit Carie this month.
Her gorgeous blog is Space for the Butterflies,
and it's going to be a kind of special siblings photo over there this month,
as it will more than likely be the last photo she shares of her children
while there are still only two of them.
There will be three little siblings for her to photograph in the not too distant future,
so go and stop by and see her,
it's kind of the end of an era.

dear beautiful


  1. Oh it seems like it's definitely been an exploring month for your two - and I'm glad it's not just me that seems to take photos of their children dashing off into the distance at the moment! They look like they've had the best of adventures this month and are definitely the best of friends!

  2. There's not much in it height wise now is there? Kitty and Oz are the same, we often get asked if they are twins, despite my thinking that they obvious don't look anything like the same age. I wonder if get asked that sometimes too?
    I love the setting for these photos - screams Summer and fun to me. Thanks for this linky Lucy, I really enjoy joining in each month x

  3. Ahh mine were in wild flower fields too, these ones make the kids look tiny though. The flowers were so tall!! Amazing! x

  4. I love that they get on so well, always gives me hope for when my two little ones get a bit bigger. I love how they are now not far off each other in height its very cute

  5. These photos are gorgeous! I love the one of them holding hands. They are so sweet together :)

  6. Such gorgeous photos of your two little ones exploring. I love the way they're holding hands in one of the photos as well. Beautiful.

  7. So sweet! And what a lovely place to explore. :)

  8. Ahhh bless them look how cute they are running in the fields, such a beautiful location. I love that they are so close and get along so well. They are going to be little adventures together and have such an amazing time growing up so close. So beautiful to watch. Thanks for hosting my lovely. Love this project. #siblings

  9. It's so lovely when they start to become proper little friends and playmates. I know I really enjoy watching my two play and giggle together. xx

  10. They are cute off exploring together x

  11. What a gorgeous field of flowers- even though you can't see their faces you know that they are probably up to lots of mischief! I have definitely found that Mads and LL have got even closer since they are both at the same level and walking about together. x

  12. These are beautiful. I'm so jealous of the sunflower field! I've only ever seen them in France x

  13. What a gorgeous post. I was very similar with my older brother when we were little. He would lead me astray and we'd sometimes get into a bit of trouble but we were best of friends. And he'll always watch out for me now, we are 28 and 30! Beautiful photos too. Amelia x

  14. So lovely. Real friends and close playmates is exactly the best bonus of all with the age-gap between your two little buddies.

  15. What gorgeous photos, I adore the last one where they are both just crouching down into the flowers. Amazing that they are getting on so well too, it's so lovely to see when that happens isn't it...even if it's them conspiring together to make mischief!

  16. Such a beautiful post. Love how bright and happy the colours are in the photos almost a reflection of your words about your little ones. X

  17. I think one of the benefits of siblings is the test of friendship- learning what makes a true friend.
    I love your photos- I have been slowing ours down just to get a glimpse of your face- wonderful to see such gorgeous landscapes for you and yours to enjoy. x

  18. Am yet again in awe of your amazing photos! I've only just managed to get quick snaps of my two. One day I'll be more organised :)

  19. What a beautiful spot to explore, and your two munchkins look so sweet pottering about together. Lovely photos as always Lucy!

  20. lovely images - I often photograph the backs of my two boys heads too! ;-) I've only recently discovered this linky, and am really enjoying joining in, so thanks :)


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