me and mine {august}

Daddy is loving
* the new football season.
* a day out at Cadbury World.
* how excited the beautiful boy is about reading.
* going paint balling.
* the little lady's cheeky faces.

Mummy is loving
* the cute little chats we can have with the beautiful girl now.
* swimming and how great it feels to be in the water.
* planning a little makeover in the children's room.
* how excited the little man is about starting preschool.
* being offered her dream job.

The beautiful boy is loving
* reading, reading and more reading.
* a day out with Mummy in London; visiting an empty Hamleys, lunch at Planet Hollywood and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
* singing 'Brothers and Sisters' by Twin Atlantic.
* dead heading the flowers and feeding the birds in Nanny's garden.
* kissing and cuddling everybody all the time.

The beautiful girl is loving
* dancing… at every possible opportunity.
* playing anything to do with babies.
* loganberry jam on toast.
* feeding herself with a "spooooon".
* everything to with fairies, Lady and Tramp.

August is a bit of a special Me and Mine month for us.
Last year we went to a spot we'd visited a year before
when we were still a family of three,
and we recreated some of the photos a year on as a family of four.
So this year it seemed only right that we go back to the same place again,
and take more photos of us together
another year on.

There is something so lovely about taking a matching photo year after a year,
and looking back at previous years' has really made me see how we've changed.
Our family grew in number,
our children grew in size,
and us grown ups shrunk a bit
(I was 8 and half months pregnant in the first one so it's kind of to be expected)
and it would seem we'll always be fans of blue and white clothes.
  Just see for yourselves…

This month I'm sending you to visit Chloe, Sam, Arlo and Rory
over at Chloe's gorgeous blog Sorry About The Mess.
She always has really gorgeous photos to share,
and if Sorry About The Mess isn't already on your reading list
then it really should be,
because its a lovely lovely blog.

dear beautiful


  1. Oh what a lovely tradition you have now, really lovely photos. Sounds like you have had an awesome month and nice to spend some mother and son time too. X

  2. How lovely to go back and recreate photos each year - such a wonderful way of seeing how your family grows up and really see the changes. We have a similar thing at the moment with our gold postbox challenge - as we've been doing it for two years, it's lovely to see the changes over that time. Absolutely beautiful photos as always - so much happiness and love shine out of them. Sounds like you have had a lovely August too :-)

  3. As soon as I saw the first thought I thought "I'm sure I've seen this place before" - how wonderful. It is lovely when you go back to places with your next child where you've been previously. Absolutely gorgeous photos. And check me out being prepared this month! xx

  4. So lovely to have that photo that changes every year! Lol. I wondered if the blue and white was purposeful... But not in that case!! Beautiful photos of a happy little family.xx

  5. I thought that gate looked familiar! I love that you've got a tradition for replicating that photo, not least because it's a gorgeous shot but also because it shows up so clearly those little subtle changes across the years. It's going to be so incredible to look back on these pictures in 10, 15 years time and watch them getting taller before your very eyes!

  6. I love, love, love your door photos! What a great idea and a nice way to see how your family grew and how they change every year. x

  7. Ohhh. Awesome, I love this idea. Those photos are beautiful!

  8. I love that you've gone back to same special place again... already can't wait to see next years hehe. Gorgeous xx

  9. I think its amazing that you take the same photo every year. Such a beautiful tradition. Love these photos. You and your gorgeous family are always doing something fun and adventures. I love it. Great captures here hun. Thanks for hosting.

  10. I love this! You'll just have to keep going back every year now!

  11. I love the idea of taking photos in the same place each year. Growing up, my grandparents used to take a photo of all us grandchildren with them in the same positions. It's lovely to see how we all changed through the years.

  12. Aww, I love the flashbacks. Congrats on being offered your dream job!!

  13. How your family has changed and grown in those couple of years, I remember these photos, it is so lovely to compare how life changes, beautiful xx

  14. I love that you have a tradition now of having a photo in the same place each year, what a lovely way to capture the changes in you all! Gorgeous photos too.

  15. Those photos of your family growing up are just beautiful! x

  16. I never manage to get photos like this :( MUST TRY HARDER. The best I have is the toddler's insane selfies after eating chocolate… lol xx

  17. Ah this is so lovely Lucy, I love that you keep going back to the same place in the same month each year, what a memorable and lovely thing to do. I can just imagine you when you have two teenagers going back and them looking super unimpressed at standing by that gate! ;) x

  18. These are really gorgeous photos! What a lovely backdrop for a family photo each year. Is it a place you to to visit?
    Amelia x

  19. Just linking up with a bit of a really late and rubbish entry! ;)
    Love your shots and love the last 3 years, amazing how much can change in such a short time.
    And i must have missed the news about the dream job?! Am intrigued now and want to know more! Huge congratsd anyway xxx

  20. It's going to be amazing to look back at these when you've been taking them there for ten years plus! Crazy how the years are flying by, even with the siblings project a month feels like a week. And congrats on your dream job! Have you mentioned it anywhere, I am so behind with Twitter/ Blog reading! x

  21. How lovely to be able to recreate previous images. It's lovely to see the changes.

  22. Its crazy that I remember your other gate photos, as soon as I saw the new ones I thought I can't believe it's been a year already. Soon those children of yours will be peeking through standing up! Dream job sounds exciting, congratulations! xx

  23. Lovely photos! I love how you go back to the same place, it's wonderful! I really miss this project! Wish I could have continued! xxx

  24. Recreating your shots is a brilliant idea :-) Looks like you had a gorgeous day!

  25. Did Daddy go down Bournville Boulivard at Cadbury World?


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