him and her {week thirty-six}

he is so ridiculously excited about starting preschool soon,
especially the fact that he has special t-shirts to wear,
and he can be found with his nose in a book a lot of the time.

she spends her whole day walking around with little toys in her hands,
that's when she isn't being a total daredevil and attempting to scale the furniture,
or saying "mummy" in the cutest way and before asking for a biscuit.


  1. LP starts preschool on Friday but is oblivious to it, she doesn't really understand at all! x

  2. Ahh bless them. I love your weekly pictures they are so sweet. BG sounds so much like MM it is crazy. She is the completely daredevil and the things she is climbing and trying to do on the playground frighten me half the time and the other have leave me in fits of laughter at her. She isn't afraid of anything. And she is always carrying toys around too, so cute. I love her pigtails I am dying for MM to get more hair. Your two are just precious gems. So bittersweet to read/watch them through photos grow up!

  3. We are also gearing up for our first day of preschool in Wednesday... Ava can't wait, I'm terrified! Gorgeous photos as always!x


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