her second birthday

On Sunday 21st September 2014 
our beautiful girl turned two,
and we were sure to give her the best second birthday a girl could ask for.

Birthday days out are kind of a family tradition now,
as fun family memories trump lots of fancy presents any day.
And after taking her big bro (and a baby her) to the zoo on his second birthday
we decided we'd do the same for her,
and just knew she'd love it due to a big obsession with monkeys of late.

The day started with presents of course;
a little crib and baby rabbits,
a BabyBallet tutu,
a ballet dancer mouse
and a cuddly fawn from Mummy and Daddy.
And a set of Tinkerbell fairies from the beautiful brother,
which were far and away her favourite present. 
She loves little character toys at the moment,
so she was utterly thrilled with all her teeny toys.

Then it was off to the zoo,
with not only Mummy, Daddy and her big brother,
but also Nanny, Pops, Nainy, Taid
and her absolute favourite person, Uncle Matt.

Once at Colchester Zoo, the monkeys are some of the first things you see,
and her little face completely lit up when she saw them.
Although she did spend the rest of the day looking in every single other enclosure looking for more monkeys,
this girl certainly knows what she likes.
She cracked a big smile for the meerkats too,
and laughed hysterically at the fen nick foxes like they were the best thing ever,
but I can understand that,
they are kind of cute and funny looking.

^ two monkeys checking out the monkeys
^ love how close and cute these two are
^ feeding the giraffes was a definite highlight
* they were both utterly mesmerised by the sealions
^ the penguins are always entertaining...
^ especially when you can get up close and personal with them
^ and of course a birthday swing was in order
^ and I just love this photo for the little brother and sister moment going on in the middle.

Of course no birthday is complete without a birthday cake
and the obligatory singing and candle blowing out.
She liked that bit so much she made us do it twice,
and wanted us to do more,
but we all just wanted to eat cake!

It's just crazy thinking how our family has changed in two years,
from the fledgling moments as a family of four
into the young family we are now.
One things for sure,
our beautiful girl is a perfect piece of our family puzzle,
and we love her to pieces.


  1. What a wonderful day! I cannot believe how big she is now! She is just gorgeous Lucy - such a cutie xxx

  2. Oh what a wonderful day to celebrate a very special little girl - you all look like you were having a brilliant time, the Beautiful Girl most of all. She'd get on a storm with my Elma at the moment too - we're rapidly acquiring an extensive collection of cuddly monkeys, and zoo t-shirts with monkey pictures, and the zoo book rather tends to fall open at the monkey page - I wonder what it is that's just so appealing about them - the penguins would win out for me!!

  3. So adorbale :) Theres really not much height different between them at all!

  4. Ahhh looks like you had just an absolutely fab time together. So beautiful all the family photos. BB &BG look like the same age now. How that age gap disappears when they reach a certain age. Great isn't it? This just melted my heart seeing all these fun filled photos.

  5. that one of you and your brother and the two little ones is so beautiful. How cute they really are, crazy they look like they could be twins!

  6. Happy birthday to the beautiful girl. I can't believe how big she looks next to her brother, they look like twins. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate turning 2.

  7. It sounds like BG had a wonderful Birthday. Colchester zoo is on our list of places to vsiit and your photos make it look beautiful. So glad her birthday was perfect x


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