den fun

Making dens was one of my favourite things to do as a child;
it's such simple, classic fun.
And the apple didn't fall to far from the tree,
as my children love them too.

I hung a canopy net for the children
and then let them add whatever they wanted to the inside.
Chuck in a few pillows, your favourite cuddly toys and a few books,
and they are guaranteed an afternoon of entertainment,
as am I, as I watch from the sides with a big wide smile.

We were also lucky enough to be sent a Monsters Inc Soft Pal by Phillips to incorporate in our den,
which added another dimension of fun to den building;
just as the excitement of the den was winding down,  I drew the curtains,
and it became a dark den, lit up by the soft glow of a cuddly night light.

You can enter a competition on the Phillips Facebook page,
to win a den building pack and other great den prizes.
All you have to do is build a den, have lots of fun, and share what you get up to wit #myden.
Check out all the details on this link.

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  1. Looks like such a lovely den. I can't wait to watch Amelia and her little brother play like your beautiful two do! xx


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