me and you {september}

Him and me,
we're different.
So so different.
"I really don't understand the way you think sometimes" different.

He's a neat freak, I'm untidy.
I always look on the bright side, he's a negative nelly.
He's logical and a realist, I'm creative and a dreamer.

We really are sunshine and rain different.

But different works for us.
We see things differently sometimes,
but we want the same things in life.
And the best things happen
when we are side by side.

Me and You is very late this month,
and for that I'm really sorry.
But we've been super busy just living life,
and life trumps blogging I'm afraid.
It's been a crazy month, 
but it's been a fun month.
A fun month that I've enjoyed with this best friend of mine by my side.

There's no linky this month, 
but please do add your links in the comments,
or tweet me your link so I can see.

We'll be back and back to normal 
with Me and You on the 20th of next month.


  1. You write so beautifully. :-) I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. What a beautiful post - being different is good - hubby and I are both very different but we complement each other. I love your photo - such a fun picture of the two of you and you look like you are having a wonderful time. I love how your love for each and for your beautiful family shines through all your photos. Joining in with you for #MeandYou at: x

  3. Just a lovely photograph! I would love to start doing this linky as me and my husband don't have that many photographs together and i would love to join in and capture those moment x

  4. Lovely photo from Centre Parcs! Makes me look forward to our break there in January. Beautiful words as well. My Me & You can be found here:

  5. Ahh Lucy I love reading the way you talk about your relationship. You really always know how to describe marriage and life together so beautifully. Don't worry about being late or not doing it at all I love that you put life first, it should definitely trump blogging every time. Probably only the second time I have even remembered to do Me & You. Thank you for encouraging to write and take time for the Mr bloggers in our lives. Big hugs

  6. Love this photo of you both! Husband and I are quite different but they do say opposites attract!

  7. Brilliant pic! Ours is much more standard but it's the first of just the two of us in a long time!

  8. Oh Lucy, you always talk about your hubby with so much love and adoration. You always know the right words to describe a feeling and life in general so beautifully. Gorgeous photo of you both xxx


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