happy second birthday beautiful girl

And just like that...
another year gone.
Our baby girl is two,
and really not a baby at all anymore.

The past year has seen you totally blossom,
from a crawling, babbling baby
into the walking, talking little lady you are now.
With every single day it seems like more of your personality shines though,
and you really are such an adorable and funny little character.
You're such a mixture of independent and needy,
gentle and sensitive but crazy and tough,
a girly little ballet dancer with a love of fairies
and also a cheeky, troublesome little monkey with a fearless daredevil side.
And I am totally enchanted by every little bit of you.

You are my ray of sunshine.
A source of so many smiles and laughs.
Just about the happiest little lady I've ever know.
You completely light up our world.

I love you with all my heart my lovely beautiful girl.
Happy second birthday.


  1. Beautiful post. I hope your beautiful girl has a very happy 2nd birthday x

  2. Happy Birthday BG! I don't know where the last two years have gone x

  3. Happy happy birthday to you, happy happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear beautiful girl!!!!! Happy happy birthday to you! (as close as I could get to sing to her) on her special day! She is growing up so fast and so beautiful. I love watching her through your post, videos and photos! She is always so happy and smiley. Your lovely words almost made me shed a tear too. Getting all broody to have more kids already as they really do grow up so fast. Hope you are well and having a blast on your little princess' special 2nd birthday! xoxoxo

  4. Happy birthday to such a beautiful girl x

  5. Awww beautiful Lucy. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl and I hope everyone is feeling better. xx

  6. What a beautiful letter for your beautiful girl...
    Just lovely!
    Happy birthday little one!

  7. Such a lovely post. And a beautiful photo :) Happy Birthday little one. :)

    Alex Bump to baby

  8. Ahh Happy Birthday BG! Hope she had a lovely day xx

  9. Happy Birthday lovely girl - I hope she had a wonderful day :)

  10. Awww, so sweet. Happy birthday to your little angel. :)

  11. That picture! Meltingly cute. I hope your gorgeous girl had a wonderful birthday. Birthdays always make me a bit emotional - they come around so fast! x

  12. Awww how lovely. My daughter is 2 in just over a week! Times flies xx



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