siblings {september}

Something has really changed between these two over the last month or so;
they have become a real team, a little unit of their own.
I think its because as they get older, their age gap seems to get smaller,
as they become more equal and enjoy things together more.
And it's just the most amazing thing to watch
as they have these beautiful and spontaneous moments all their own.

In fact we don't even always get to witness these moments,
as the two of them choose to go off and play together away from us.
They love playing in their bedroom together,
and listening to them giggle and play makes me realise
just how separate their friendship is from me.
We may have given them each other,
but what they have isn't something that their daddy and mummy get to be part of.

 This month brings a strange kind of change to their relationship in another way too,
while they seem to be closer than ever lately,
looming on the horizon is a big change.
Our beautiful boy will start preschool soon,
and it will leave his little sister at home without him.
Time will tell, but I think our beautiful girl is going to be a bit lost without him,
without her little playmate, partner-in-crime, and permanent entertainer.
I think they are going to miss each other terribly,
especially her, who will be stuck at home with Mummy,
while her big bro goes off to have fun with new friends.
I just really hope that absence makes the heart grow fonder,
and that preschool doesn't get in the way of their beautiful friendship.

This month I really want you to go and visit my lovely friend Hayley at Shutterflies,
she also has a big boy and a little girl (who are a little older than mine)
and I always feel like I'm looking into my future when I see her posts.
She takes such gorgeous photos of her gorgeous pair, you won't be disappointed.
dear beautiful


  1. Oh I so know what you mean about them having their own "thing"... I have written something similar this month! It's an ever changing relationship, isn't it?

  2. They do look as thick as thieves, and I know what you mean about the age gaps getting smaller as the children get older; there seems to be less and less between my girls as Elma becomes more little girl and less baby, and the pair of them can really play together (when they want to!). I'm sure the Beautiful Boy is going to have a wonderful time at pre-school and come back full of adventures and ideas of mischief to share with his sister that leave you wondering where on earth she picked up xyz - so says the Mummy of a baby girl who sings the Batman theme tune!

  3. Beautiful photos as always. Your beautiful children always look so happy together and I love hearing about how much they enjoy playing together. Hope all goes well when your little boy starts preschool x

  4. Awww they are super cute together. I think BG will enjoy having Mummy to herself and they will become closer when they realise that they'll see less of each other during the day. BB will definitely love pre-school and as Carie says, he'll be bringing home tales of adventure and fun and plenty of things for BG to copy x

  5. I love the times where mine head off to one bedroom and start playing - but I know what you mean, I do feel a bit 'on the outside' of those moments. But having started getting into watching The Bates Motel on Netflix I realize that I should probably give them their space when they want it!!!

    Gorgeous photos- I'm coming to that beach is it's the last thing I do!

  6. What beautiful photographs Lucy. I remember that last year, when Elle went to school. Mia seemed so lost and would ask when she was going to school and wanted to go with her sister (and now she is starting preschool herself on tuesday!!!). But it was amazing to have that one to one with Mia that i had with Elle before Mia came along. I got to shower her with attention and she has blossomed so much as an individual and not just a mini Elle. Good luck to BB xx

  7. So true what you said. We can't give our kids their friendship...and although there are almost 4 years between my girls their friendship is oh so special :) And good luck with preschool! My eldest is starting reception too :)

  8. Awww they look so cute together! :) xx

  9. Ahhh such lovely photos. I've found Tiger to be totally lost on the days when Cherry is at pre-school, it's made me life much harder as he wants my full attention all day! I love the way as they get older they start going off to play together, mainly because I'm a bit selfish and it means I get to enjoy a bit of peace! x

  10. Beautiful words and photos Lucy. I completely know where you are coming from when you talk about how they have a relationship that you aren't part of, it's so true for my girls too. It must be part of a sibling thing and growing up, I guess xx

  11. My older daughter just started Kindergarten and it is a rough adjustment. My younger daughter misses her terribly. But she is beginning to realize that big sissy must leave in the morning and come home after her nap. When we go pick her up, they are so excited to see eachother and don't want to be separated the rest of the day! I'm sure your kids will still be the best of friends once big brother starts school. :)

  12. Haha as much as you are looking at the future with Hayley's kids I am looking at the future with yours. As this will be Buba and Missy Moo next year when Buba starts school and Missy Moo will be about BG age then too. I often wonder what the dynamics will be between them and just me and the little girl at home by ourselves. That will be so weird but great too. I love that their bond continues to grow and that's the beauty of having them close in age is the age gap really does get smaller and smaller. They are more on the same playing field now. Buba and Missy Moo aren't quite there yet but I hope and think they will be when she gets more solid on her feet! Beautiful photos and beautiful words as always. Your little family is adorable and I love reading about it all. Thanks for hosting my lovely.

  13. Lovely post as always Lucy. We're are in the same position this month - Lp goes to nursery for the first time on Friday and I'm sure Little Man will be lost without her. You're right also that as they get older the age gap seems to get smaller x

  14. Gorgeous photos, I'm sure your daughter will love the 121 time with you!

  15. I have twins so mine started school at same time which made it easier for me...and them. Love the last shot with the pastel stripes in the background.

  16. How cute do they look in their little Konfidence outfits!

  17. I'm sure they will be as close as ever. My littlest gets restless towards the end of his big brother's nursery days, we have a lovely day together but then he thinks 'that's enough Mum... where's my playmate!' xx

  18. I'm sure that it won't make a difference! When Meg first started at school, initially Eli was a bit lost but he soon came to enjoy his own time and then the minute Meg was home, they were off together playing. That hasn't changed in the last year and a bit :) Hope BB enjoys preschool!

  19. As always your photos are amazing! Hope the preschool routine becomes second nature to everyone soon xx


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