oh the places you will go

And so, just like that, my baby boy really is a baby no longer.

He went off to preschool with the biggest, most excited smile ever.
He can't wait to make new friends,
and learn new things.
Mummy made it out of the door with a big proud smile
and cheery wave,
before crumpling into tears just out of sight.

Preschool just feels like the beginning of a series of acts of 'letting go'
that I'll have to do with my children as they grow.
Five preschool sessions this year, 
will turn into five school days next year,
and that is just the beginning of years of education.
Years which will see him gradually gain more independence,
and strike out on his own path.

He is completely ready to start preschool,
he is ready to be challenged,
to gain more independence,
to have some space of his own
and make friends of his own.
He is ready to take on a little piece of this big wide world,
without his mummy always there to hold his hand.
Of course this mummy will still be there 
with an ever willing hand to hold should he need or want it,
but watching from the sidelines a little more.

With every breath that handsome kid of mine takes,
I am ever prouder of him.
He is kind, friendly and thoughtful,
with a super big and sensitive heart.
He is brave, funny and bright,
with a sharp and inquisitive brain
and the most incredible memory.
He makes me proud every single day,
and I'm excited to see him go out and show the world
just how special and amazing we already know he is.

I'm proud of who he is,
and I'm proud of whoever he'll become;
and this is just another step towards shaping who he'll be.

So go and knock 'em dead little man.
Rock their worlds like you've rocked ours.
Be the you we've taught you to be.

...And remember that Mummy needs an extra big cuddle every day now,
just to make up for all the cuddles she's missing out on.


  1. I loved seeing the photographs you took this morning. You must be so proud. He looks quite the little man there doesn't he? xx

  2. Such a lovely post. Hope your handsome little man has a great day at pre-school x

  3. Aww he looks so grown-up! I hope he has a wonderful first day of preschool, and many more wonderful days to come!

  4. We've had an identical week this week. Heidi and I are both feeling a bit lost without our Ava in the mornings... So thankful it's only half days. Lovely post.x

  5. So much cuteness, love his little trainers, I am so glad he had such a wonderful time, it changes them so much but honestly for the better (by the most part) xx

  6. What a lovely post & I think there are many mummy's out there who all feel the same - me for sure. Beautifully expressed #twitter

  7. I am still feeling emotional about preschool and Dylan started a couple of weeks ago now, but he loves it and I know it is the best place for him. Hope BB keeps up the excitement too.

  8. So sweet, hope he had a good first day. x

  9. Such a gorgeous post - hope he loves it! He looks like a little star ;) xx

  10. Awww he looks so grown up with his uniform on. Hope he has a brilliant time x

  11. Beautiful! And such a fabulously proud photo! Hope it's going well.
    H x

  12. Ahhh BB I hope you had a magnificent first day. I love your photos. You look very ready and prepared for your new adventures!!!! You are growing up way too fast, and too cute.


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