fun with friends

Holidays aren't always that much of an actual break when you have small children.
You can't switch off, even for a second, 
because that tends to the second that they find trouble to get themselves into.
But from having a few holidays with our friends now,
it's definitely a good way of spreading the load a bit;
the children have built in entertainment,
and there are more adults too which means you can get precious moments off every now and then.

We've been on a few holidays with our friends the Ellisons now,
and when we are together, something just clicks.
We all get along swimmingly,
there is always a lot of laughter and fun.
And I know we all feel lucky to have found each other,
and to have another family that we can share these memories with.
It's just so easy to have fun when we are together,
and I know this won't be the last of our holidays together.

This our second trip to Center Parcs together
and it's really just reaffirmed our love for the place.
It's the perfect spot for an exciting family holiday,
especially when you have water babies like we do.
Nobody was ready to come home,
and I think that the sign of a truly brilliant holiday.

You can see my video from last year's trip here
it's scary how much the children have grown in that time.

Go and check out Katie's blog because she's posting about our holiday today too,
there's another little video to be enjoyed there too.


  1. It looks like you had such a fun week. It's lovely how the children are all so close in age so they can enjoy everything together.
    Those slides look amazing, I've never been to the Elvedon Centre Parcs but now I want to!
    Great song choice for the video too. Enjoyed that :-) x

  2. Ahhh I just love it, I love the song and all the action! You are right we did do very different, mine is more mellow with spa evenings and a slower pace and yours is action packed and perfectly captures the mayhem! I really love it! Such an amazing time and I really wish we could be there now. We miss you guys and think we should all buy a big house and live there together. ;) Roll on next year and perhaps The Ellison/Roberts on Tour abroad! ;) x

  3. Lovely words and a fab video! It really makes me want to go to Centre Parks. You all seem like such great friends and it looks like you've made some more special memories on this holiday. Loved this post! #ShareWithMe

  4. I love love love this video! Looks like you all had a great time :) xo

  5. Absolutely love your video. It's so lovely that you two are such great friends, all through blogging :) x

  6. Your video is fab. I've never been to centre parks but it certainly looks like loads of fun #sharewithme

  7. Oh what a lovely trip! You're definitely right about more people spreading the load; I love it when we meet up with my cousin and his daughter because R-J and Kitty are such fabulous entertainment for each other - suddenly we've all got time to sit down and actually catch up while they plot world domination together!

  8. So lovely that you had a great time on holiday with friends. You look like you had so much fun x

  9. What a wonderful break! Your friendship is just beautiful x

  10. Looks like a fabulous trip was had by all... You are so right about sharing the load... And it's ALWAYS fun to holiday with good friends!

  11. Awww, looks like you guys had a BRILLIANT time. xx

  12. Ahhh Lucy this looks amazing. I love that your video is all the action of the trip and Katie's is all the spa relaxing of the trip. So amazing to have such a great friendship and perfectly balanced families together. Looks and sounds like you had a brilliant time. So jealous. I think going on holiday with other families is amazing. So lovely. I can't thank you enough for linking up to Share With Me and all the blog support You are amazing. #sharewithme

  13. Ah it looks and sounds like you all had a fab time. Lovely post :) x

  14. It looks like you had an amazing trip. It must be lovely to have such good friends and for everyone to get on so well x #ShareWithMe

  15. aww you guys are the cutest! how lovely that you get to go on holiday today, love seeing your friendship! xx

  16. Oh my days what a lovely video, the ones of you going down the colourful tunnels brought tears to my eyes. Deffo need to invest in a gopro camera. Being married to a video producer you would think we would make more videos of the children but we are rather poor. I love watching videos much more than pictures maybe one day! Sorry gone on abit there your video is fab :)


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