new arrivals for kiddicare

I first became familiar with Kiddicare when I was pregnant.
An old friend went to the bother of emailing me to recommend them
because she said you really couldn't beat their service or prices.
Days later another friend recommended them
which was strange because until that point I'd never heard of them.
It gave me the impression that Kiddicare was part of some sort of Mummy Club
that you knew about once you were a mummy too.
I ordered various bits and pieces for my anticipated baby
and was also impressed by the prices and service.

Fast forward a few months
and I had a new baby, a new blog and had just joined the Kiddicare team of Mummy bloggers.
I was invited along to an event at Kiddicare 
and to my surprise discovered their base is in Peterborough
at a big, big, BIG store.
I wish I'd known that store existed when I was pregnant
because I'd definitely have made the trip
to be able to look at and test so many buggies,
and to simply access so many baby products all under one roof.

Well Kiddicare is growing and going from strength to strength 
and they are opening more stores.
One of which will be at Thurrock,
which is lots closer to me than Peterborough.
And Kiddicare are giving their customers the chance to choose which store they open first.
Thurrock will obviously be getting my vote,
and should definitely get your vote too.

All you need to do is like their Facebook page 
and then you can vote.
So vote for the store nearest to you
(or Thurrock because it would make me happy)
and you can also enter into a competition to win £1500 of vouchers
and a chance to have a special Very Important Baby personal shopping experience.

I was asked to write this post by Kiddicare and have been rewarded for doing so, 
however all opinions and experiences are my own. 
I personally think that Kiddicare are fab and I recommend them all the time.


tots 100 book club - memoirs of a geisha

I absolutely adore reading a good book,
not just an okay book,
but the sort of book where you get completely immersed and absorbed
and you find excuses to avoid the real world until you've finished.
The sort of book where you go to bed early
and stay in bed late in the mornings
just to read a little bit more.


inspired - beach huts

I know for a fact that this weeks inspired
is inspired by the fact that we had such nice sunny weather over the weekend.
We went for a lovely walk by the water at the weekend
and it reminded me how much a water baby and a beach baby I am.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos


 a resting place

 love these two

 big foot

 hot tub giggles

 cuddles with Mr Darcy

hanging with Woody


pretty.little.things - funky footwear

The little guy has quite an enviable collection of footwear.
He's got a very cute collection of trainers
with some boots thrown in too.


a beautiful birthday party

On Saturday February 11th
we had a big party to celebrate our beautiful boy turning one.
And I have to say,
it was awesome.
We had a lovely time
and feel thoroughly blessed to have so many wonderful people around us
supporting us as we bring up our son.


inspired - balloons

We have a house full of balloons
that are left over from the beautiful boy's birthday party.
He loves to play with them.
So do the cats.
And I love to look at them.
For reasons I'm not entirely sure of
balloons make me happy.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 the rainbow cake smash up

 nom nom nom

 sleepy head

 bedtime milk and stories

 bathtime smiles with mummy

hanging with mother ducker

bathtime reading



This photo is of my beautiful fledgling family.

It's of my two beautiful boys
on the littlest ones first full day in the world.
I love these two boys
and I love this picture.
The tiny fragile baby,
the proud as punch new daddy.


pretty.little.things - beautiful beds

I love the little guys bedroom.
Before he arrived we painted it
we prepared it for him.
My hubby and my dad built his cot,
I made him a patchwork quilt.
We filled the room with things we thought he would need and like.


happy birthday bunting

I love an excuse for a little craft project.
I definitely don't seem to have enough hours in the day
or days in the week
to have a go at all the things I would like to.
But when a special occasion looms
I like to use it as an excuse to do something crafty.


my bestest friend

To the wonderful man 

who looks after me,

who laughs with me,

who shares my joys,

who holds my hand,

who has given me many happy years
as his girlfriend,
then his fiancĂ©e
and then his wife,

who has given me the most beautiful gift;
a family,

who gives the best hugs in the whole world,

who proposed to me four years ago today,

and who still makes my heart go flutter when he smiles.


I love you with all my heart.

x x x


something i love

My beautiful boy.

I love him more than life itself.

I love his smile.

I love his skin.

I love his smell.

I love how his hair is just starting to get a bit curly in the back.

I love how leans in for cuddles now.

I love how he smiles and how he laughs.

I love him.


I am sharing an image of something I love 

inspired - hair

One of my secret, guilty, Internet pleasures
is seeking out hair tutorials.
Sad I know.
But I like doing different things with my hair from time to time
and the Internet is full of helpful people
who post up videos or photos to show you exactly how it's done.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 my beautiful boy enjoying his first snow

 project birthday bunting

 beautiful birthday boy

 best seat in the house

 getting the hang of his new wheels

 full of hot air

the beautiful birthday party boy


pretty.little.things - cute and cosy nightwear

For me there is nothing on this earth
that is cuter than the little guy in his onesie ready for bed.
He looks so gorgeous and snuggly,
and all baby-like again.


a birth story - part fifteen

In my birth story so far;

32 hours after my water first broke,
and after hours of pain and fear and drama,
my baby has finally entered the world
with a little help from doctor and her ventouse
and a lot of pushing from me.


love from mummy on your birthday


Dear Beautiful Boy,

You are one year old. One whole year. Perhaps if I say it enough, then it might actually start to sound real and possible. One year, my baby. . .


a family story

My brother posted this old picture on instagram the other day,
an old picture of the two of us.
It's always been one of my favourite pictures
I think it sort of captures our relationship really well.


happy birthday beautiful boy

One year ago, your life was only just beginning.
And in a strange sort of way, so was mine.
It was a wonderful new life for us both.
And over the past year,
all 52 weeks of it,
all 365 days of it,
I have loved every single, blessed second
of being your mummy.

Then six months ago I wrote all about how things had changed.
How big you were getting.
How clever you were.
How funny and grown-up and brave you were.
Looking back at that post now,
it's hard to believe just how much things have changed again.

In much the same way
that I could never really associate my baby bump, Dollop
with the baby that I brought home;
I now struggle to get my head around the fact
that that baby I brought home
is the same one that now makes me laugh at his giggle
and melt with his cuddles.

To put it simply;
You rock my world.

So happy birthday baby boy.
I love you with all my heart.


your fifty-second week

We just couldn't believe where a whole year had gone.


inspired - hearts

In my poorly state over the last few days
I've barely had the energy to raise my head
let alone look around me for inspiration.
I know,
too poorly for Pinterest.
It was bad.

So this week I've fallen back on something which has always inspired me.
There's is just something about the heart shape that I like.
Most likely it's because I'm a romantic little creature,
but I just like how they look.
And I'm pretty sure you could go into any room in my home
and find a heart somewhere.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

little boy lost

poorly giggles

pretty satin ballet shoes

funny new face

all better now

my clever boy

bedtime stories with daddy


pretty.little.things - winter accessory

As much as I am a total summer baby
who loves the warm weather much more than cold.
I do like the accessories that come with winter.


a birth story - part fourteen

In my birth story so far;

I've some how endured 31 hours
from when my waters broke and contractions started.
It all fell apart at the birthing unit
so I've been transferred to the big maternity unit at the main hospital.
After an epidural
things seemed to be looking up,
but there were suddenly lots of worried looking midwives and doctors
and my baby was in distress.


your fifty-first week

You were turning into such an affectionate little thing.

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