six months ago - a half birthday celebration

Six months ago you were being born…

Six months ago we were becoming parents. 
We were scared and excited and overjoyed and anxious.

Six months ago you weighed 7lb 1oz. Now you weigh 16lb 5oz.

Six months ago we could hold your entire body supported on a forearm, 
cradling your head in our palm. 
And now we can carry you sitting up on a hip, 
while you look around at the world.

Six months ago you were a tiny, fragile little baby 
who hadn’t uncurled yet. 
You had fluffy hair on your ears 
and eyes so big that we could hardly see the white bit round the edge. 
And now you are miniature little boy 
who giggles and chatters, 
rolls and sits, 
and watches TV!

Six months ago we were meeting you for the very first time
 and we were so incredibly excited about seeing your face. 
And now… well things haven’t changed much, 
we still can’t wait to see your face when we wake up in the morning. 
Because every morning you greet us with big beaming smiles.

Six months ago we brought you home to meet your brothers
 and they gave you a very wide berth. 
But now they like to come and walk by you, 
they like to look at you,
 and you love staring at them. 
You like to sit on the floor and stroke Wentworth. 
And you love grabbing Darcy’s tail.

Six months ago you were sleeping in a crib in our room. 
We loved nothing better than to watch you sleep. 
And if we woke in the night, 
we would listen carefully to hear you breathing
 and sometimes we would even get up and touch your chest just to check. 
Now you are in your own room, 
which you like as dark as a bat cave
… but we still pop in and put our hands on your chest from time to time.

Six months ago you were sleeping on your back 
in the same position as if you’d just jumped out of a plane
 and were about to release your parachute. 
Now you sleep on your tummy, 
or your side, 
or upside down in your bed, 
or curled over backwards like a banana; 
anything except flat on your back.

Six months ago you were waking up every four hours
 for milk and a nappy change. 
Now you sleep at least twelve hours at night, 
drink milk five meals a day and eat solid food at lunch time.

Six months ago you were being born…

Six months ago we were becoming parents. 
We were scared and excited and overjoyed and anxious.

And now you’re here. 
And you’re fantastic in every single way.


  1. Gorgeous pics and writing, happy half birthday! xx

  2. You've almost made me broody, gorgeous bubba and gorgeous post, I wrote a birthday post this wk but my baby turned 10 :)

  3. Aw what a beautiful post, it is quite unreal how fast they grow, I mean we sit and think will you hurry and sleep through the night - will you hurry and crawl - will you hurry and start walking and before we know it they are all gown up. My eldest is 12 and my youngest 1 - I have 6 altogether so think I got broody way too much ha

  4. awww, thats such a beautiful post, my youngest is 15 months and growing so fast!


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