world photography day

I think that for the little guy, 
it probably feels like he's living through world photography day most days. 
I take so many pictures of him, 
in some attempt to slow time and capture every moment of him, 
that he's got pretty used to the camera in his six months of life.

Photos act as such a fantastic aide-mémoire.
Looking back through old photos helps me to relive the feelings and emotions of different events;
the excitement of a wedding day,
the nerves of a first day at school,
the joy of a family day out.

And with the passing of time,
it can be easy to forget how things have changed.
I love nothing better than looking back at pictures from my own childhood
and seeing the dated décor
and the bygone fashions.

The idea of living in a time
 when every milestone and event couldn't be captured makes me feel really sad. 
As a (reasonably) new mummy
every day seems to bring a new milestone and event of sorts.
And I try to capture each one.

"He's sitting up, quick grab the camera."

"Oh, he's pulling a really funny face, take a picture of him."

"We'd best take a photo because he's not worn that t-shirt before."

And for today's picture . . .

His first time in his big boy, forward facing pushchair.

. . . Doesn't look terribly thrilled about it does he?

But that's the truth of it.
He wasn't that interested, or even happy, about sitting up and being forward facing.
Although when we turned him round to face me, he fell asleep. Charming!
And in years to come, this picture will help us remember that.


  1. I like the words yo have written to go with your photo - they are very true. So your beautiful boy is sittting forward in his buggy - another milestone passed. X

  2. Topical one with all the ooh-ahh about which way kids should face. More guilt-tripping of mums if you ask me.
    I did loads of pics with baby one but less with the other two and regret that quite a bit so well done you for capturing every moment

  3. You can tell from the expression on his face that it is like 'oh hello world'! I think it is great if you have a pushchair that can go both ways, as you can stimulate them in different ways! x

  4. Lovely picture,I bet he will love looking forward at all the things to look at soon :)

  5. Awww, such soft, fluffy hair and deep, thoughtful expression. A lovel photograph and love those pushchairs that can go both ways :)

  6. oh he is such a beautiful boy!! lovely photo and I too take photos at every occasion my hard drive is jam packed of photos, litteraly day by day month by month for the 6 or so years i dont have as many baby photos of my eldest two and its such a shame


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